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#SuperfoodSunday Cinnamon increases your body's sensitivity to insulin so that glucose can enter cells. Just half a teaspoon of can help lower your blood sugar levels. It’s also a great spice to enjoy in the fall!
We hope you have something fun planned for the weekend!
An very honest personal essay from the New York Times. [ Nytimes.com Link ]

Diabetes, Diet and Shame

Comfort food season is upon us! Check out these recipes from Sharecare if you're looking for something tasty and healthy to eat this weekend! [ Sharecare.com Link ]

Diabetes-Friendly Comfort Foods

#TBT to this 2013 article on frozen shoulder, which is still an important read. [ Qualityhealth.com Link ]

Frozen Shoulder From Diabetes? How to Treat It

A weekend read from Sharecare.com. Make sure you're getting enough sleep, especially if you're working long hours or shift work! Sleep is important to balancing blood sugar! [ Sharecare.com Link ]

Quality Sleep & Balanced Blood Sugar - How to Reduce Diabetes Risk - Diabetes Type 2

Weekend Tip! These diabetes-friendly movie snack ideas also work great with Netflix. [ Qualityhealth.com Link ]

Diabetes-Friendly Movie Snacks

If you're looking for something tasty to cook up this weekend, check out these diabetes-friendly recipes from Sharecare! [ Sharecare.com Link ]

Diabetes-Friendly Recipes: Salmon, Avocado Salsa, & Chocolate

Some tips on taking care of your teeth.

What is metabolism, anyway?

#ThrowbackThursday to this 2012 article on staying safe in the summer heat! (Protecting yourself from the sun is always good advice!) [ Qualityhealth.com Link ]

Can this cholesterol-lowering drug help you? [ Qualityhealth.com Link ]

Fall is a great season for walking!
#superfoodSunday Wondering exactly what a superfood is? Here's the definition (and some recommendations) from our article, 'Decoding 10 Nutritional Buzzwords' --

"Superfood is used to describe any food or food-based dietary supplement that's packed with health-promoting nutrients or contains a significant amount of a powerful or essential nutrient that may be hard to get from a normal diet....
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