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We take a look back at Pantera classic 'Vulgar Display of Power' - essential listening for metal enthusiasts.

Vulgar Display Of Power: 25 Years On
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Stay tuned for The Amity Affliction!
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RIP Bill Paxton.

The only man to be killed by an Alien, a Predator, and a Terminator.
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Happy 25th Birthday to one of heavy metal's most iconic albums #Pantera #VulgarDisplayofPower
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Too much choice. What's your go-to?
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Highly Suspect's new video 'My Name Is Human' came out today. Checked it out yet?

Highly Suspect: My Name Is Human
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Zeal & Ardor have dropped their debut album Devil Is Fine.

Discover their unique new sound and take a listen to the record now.

Zeal & Ardor: Devil Is Fine
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To say we're excited about this is an understatement. Bring on the aliens!
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Gojira have just dropped a new video! It was shot using thermal imaging, and looks amazing.

Gojira: The Cell
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Totally bummed that Black Sabbath have called it a day, but we love awesome poster art. What are some of your favourites?
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Roadrunner Records UK went backstage to find out what Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu's favourite 90's Roadrunner album was.

What was your favourite Roadrunner album from back in the day?
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Jami and Joe from extreme hardcore crew Code Orange made a guest appearance on Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta's 'The Jasta Show' to chat about joining Roadrunner Records, bands they want to tour with, surviving in the current music scene, and more. Take a listen.

Code Orange Join The Jasta Show
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Here's one from the vault, back when we looked at some of the heaviest tracks inspired by serial killers.

Killer Metal: Songs About Serial Killers
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Tomorrow. Gojira goodness!

This is gonna be good.
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Highly Suspect are set to reveal something exciting tomorrow. Here's a sneak peak.
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"There is no other band heavy enough to surpass the dick-kicking brutality of 'The Blood Monolith' riff" :D
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Hey Maniacs

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We will be back online ASAP.
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It's the only thing that slowly stops the cake, but it's made of all the things I have to bake.
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Have you seen the cover of Corey Taylor's new book yet? It's coming out later this year.

Corey Taylor To Release America 51
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Want to score tickets to Green Day?

Win Tickets To See Green Day