Manish Tewari
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[ Link ] my piece in the Hindu on Friday 17th February 2017 on why state funding of elections is antithetical to democracy!!

Should elections be state-funded?
Manish Tewari
02/18/2017 at 04:05. Facebook
[ Link ] My article in Deccan Chronicle tracing the assault on Article 19(1)a of the Const.Freedom of Speech& Expression

State of the Union: Free speech laws must be made stronger
Manish Tewari
02/18/2017 at 04:01. Facebook
[ Link ] My piece in Asian Age why Article 19 (1) a of the Indian Const. needs to be redrafted& include Freedom of the Press

Free speech laws must be made stronger
Manish Tewari
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16/2/17 1830 hrs today-National Centre of Performing Arts Mumbai will be in conversation with Anil Dharkar about my book Decoding A Decade [ Link ]

Vitasta Publishing on Twitter
Antim Ardas of Late Sardar Joginder SINGH Former Director CBI as per the details attached to this post [ Link ]

Manish Tewari (@ManishTewari) posted a photo on Twitter
[ Link ]. -My take in Deccan Chronicle- Command Economy&Washington Consensus created only only oligarchs & carpetbaggers.

State of the Union: Junk failed models, focus on the 99%
[ Link ] piece in Deccan Chronicle-Command economy&Washington Consensus created oligarchs &[ Link ] Deal reqd.
[ Link ] - Both Command Economy &neo liberal economic construct failed 99% of India. New paradigm reqd.My take in Asian Age

Junk failed models, focus on the 99 per cent
Good Governance requires time, effort, commitment and conviction not fluff, bluff , glug and tough love ❤ [ Link ]

Salman Anees Soz on Twitter
Sad to read about purported resignation of FormerEAM SM Krishna.A thorough gentleman.Last met him in Mysore-Jan 16 [ Link ]

Int'l conference on media ombudsman begins today - Deccan Herald
[ Link ] if Trump can build a US -Mexico wall for wrong reasons why can't we build one between India &Pak for right reasons?

Why Trump can’t simply build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border with an executive order
[ Link ] Supreme Court must take SUO-moto cognisance of ADR report & clean up political financing as it drove BCCI clean up

Political parties received Rs 7,833 crore funding from unknown sources in 11 years: Report - Times of India
[ Link ] we put India First why world getting hot under the collar if @realDonaldTrump puts AMERICA First- Buy&hire American

Donald Trump sings ‘My Way’, India fears economy will be waylaid - Times of India
With Trump in charge, world faces dilemmas [ Link ]. Ladies&Gentlemen the President of USA Donald Trump my piece in Asian Age

With Trump in charge, world faces dilemmas
[ Link ] Ladies & Gentleman the President of United States of AMERICA-My piece in Asian Age/Deccan Chronicle for your reading
Hilarious- If golden showers becomes a revenge paradigm a lot of water may flow on many [ Link ] Dem's &allegedly even Mcain

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