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[ Link ] Surprised MEA Spokesperson chose to respond to political editorial in New York Times.NoWALLS between GOI&BJP/RSS NOW

Mr. Modi’s Perilous Embrace of Hindu Extremists
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[ Link ] - legendary decadence of Feudal India-Kebab,Sharab&Shabab now under sustained assault of Vigilantes&moral police

UP: Lucknow's legendary Tunday Kababi downs it shutters as meat crackdown intensifies
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Strongest argument for paper ballots is lack of trust in EVM collated election [ Link ] in electionsare bedrock of democracy
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My take on why Globalisation has failed and the way forward [ Link ]

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[ Link ] - Why Nationalism/Patriotism need redefinition?Why oldeconomic have to be junked?My column in the Deccan Chronicle
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[ Link ] -Globalisation has failed,Way forward for world. Progressive Patriotism & A Human economy. My column in Asian Age

World needs shift to a fairer deal for the 99 per cent
[ Link ] Law Min TV channel proposal illegal-Dec 2012 TRAI opined no govt/govt deptt can own/operate/distribute TV channels

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With Martin Shultz candidate for German Chancellorship,Swedish Prime MinisterStefan Lovan,Prime Minister ofPortugal Antonio Costa & leaders [ Link ]

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[ Link ] - my take in HINDUSTAN TIMES why Assembly election results do not set the stage for 2019 Parliamentary elections ??

Election results do not set the stage for 2019: Manish Tewari | Opinion
At the international conference on the Future of Social Democracy in Berlin on the 11 th March 2017- would address the conference shortly [ Link ]

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[ Link ] - Great piece by JAMES CLAD on how US should deal with Pak.WAS South Asia pointsperson in Pentagon during Bush Admn

Time for a Radical Reset with Pakistan
[ Link ] - Link to Wiki Leaks ? How ostensibly encryptedWhatsApp,Instagram&Telegram &evenTV's are not allegedly hack proof???

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Rediff Int- India decided to exchange its favourite blue shirt for a Red One in 2014 & is now being chased by a BULL-[ Link ]

'Modi is hologramming himself into every state'
[ Link ] How allegedly dubious GDP figures put out by GOI are not being believed by the world &doing more harm than good

Is India Lying About Its World Beating Economy?
1/1 [ Link ] perfect example of FAKE NEWS trashing Indian Media AS untrustworthy&implicitly praising Bakhts,Perverts&trolls.
Trump-Obama tapped my [ Link ] many phones illegally tapped by India state/ Corporates routinely?Privacy violated shamelessly