Manjari Singer
Manjari Singer
04/23/2017 at 05:42. Facebook
Muhobbat me dimaag nahi dil istemaal hota hai!!
Saare chahne walon ke liye..
Arz Kiya hai
Pandurang Humbe-Deshmukh
Wilson William
Snigdha Banerjee
Thank you all for the love and wishes sent by mail texts and messages..

Amma and Acha, this is your day..
I owe you my life for this day.
It would not have been possible for me to see this world without you. I love you both and I am thankful to God for getting me into this world through you!
Vava my darling sister you have been my doll since I met you..
Love you and lots of kisses!!
Thank you all for the love and wishes sent by mail texts and messages
Tony Dev
Wilson William
Hareesh Hari
Wish you a happy and a prosperous year ahead. #HappyaVishu
Kottoor Krishnapillai Vijayakumar
Shubha Sathyan
Narendra Singh
A journey through #khayal.
A journey through khayal
Jayanth Jayaprakash JJ Mentor
Satyajeet Bramhane
Shakeel Zaidi
Today evening, Singing for my dear music lovers of #Kuwait!!
Today evening Singing for my dear music lovers of Kuwait
Sheethal Nambiar
Sneha Dhanuj
Ratheesh Kn
Unforgettable melody! Abhimaan ki yaadein..
Mansoor Ali Sadik
Haris Valiya Madathil Thikkodi
Swapan Burman
Madly in love with this song!
Few lines for you
Ramkumar Chinnappan
Nadeems Zia
Shejeer Ali
Hi everyone!!
This was one of my first songs in malayalam.
Despite the fact that the song was not included in the movie it was well appreciated by my dear listeners..
The requests I received for this song makes me sing it live for u!
Hareesh Hari
Hareesh Hari
अश्विन आनंद मोरियक्काटँ
Hi everyone. I'm back home. Nature is what makes all of us feel peaceful. Love the world and love yourself!!
Have a great weekend!
Hi everyone Im back home Nature is what makes all of us
Pratap Padiyil
Hari Gnair
Nadeems Zia
Sharif Kajol
Harjit Kochar
Veer Veer Singh Rajpoot
Shakeel Zaidi
Suresh Kumar
Ritu Raj Seasons' King
Santosh Kumar Suraj
Muscat... We Love You.
Muscat We Love You
Vinesh Kaippallil Vijayappan
Md Mamun Quader
Geetha Ravindranath
On my way to Muscat...
On my way to Muscat
Hareesh Hari
Akbar Basha Abdul Samath
Md Mamun Quader
Muscat! See you on the 4th of March.
I'm super excited to sing for the city that gave life to the singer in me.
Muscat See you on the 4th of March Im super excited to
Harjit Kochar
Anup Azl
Riz Haidry
Dear humans
It's extremely shameful to be in a society where women are molested and ill treated.
Cowards are those who think manhandling a woman is a matter of credit. My dear friend Bhavana u are a brave girl and I love u a lot!
This is for the rest of the human race
Please don't wait till something similar happens to your own family member.
Its time to raise your voice against these...
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Dear humans Its extremely shameful to be in a society where women
Kattamattathe JayaKumar
Manu V Koshy
രുദ്രാക്ഷ് രഞ്ജു
The magnificent Golden temple!
Visiting the Golden Temple was a blissful experience. Peaceful
Satsriakaal The magnificent Golden temple Visiting the Golden Temple was a blissful
Harjit Kochar
Swapan Burman
M.p. Singh
Proud to be an Indian!!
Happy Republic day Everyone.
Jai Hind.
Proud to be an Indian
Happy Republic day Everyone 
Jai Hind
Geetha Ravindranath
Pk Muneer
Hari Footwear
Morning Raga at Nanavati Scool, Mumbai.
Morning Raga at Nanavati Scool  Mumbai
Radhakrishnan Radhakrishnan
Qaiser Sehra
Tasleem Raza Khan
Airport scenes. Off to Muscat. :)
Airport scenes Off to Muscat
Thomas Joseph
Semeer Cholakkal
Kattamattathe JayaKumar