Mahashivaratri - Om Namah Shivaya - Hara Hara Mahadev

Shivāya Parameshwarāya, Chandrashekharāya Namah Om
Bhavāya, Guna Sambhavāya, Shiva Tāndavāya Namah Om

Lord Shiva, supreme Lord, adorned with the crescent moon; Lord of the purest qualities, dancing Lord Shiva, we bow to thee.

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Hari Om Namah Shivaya: [ Link ]. cd
Happy Shivaratri! Om Namah Shivaya. Jaya Shiva. Hara Hara Mahadev!
Narada chants "Om Gam Ganapataye" during a Satsang at Yoga Vidya - . cd

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

Om Salutations and Prostrations to Lord Ganesha

"And why the elephant head? The principle qualities of the elephant are wisdom and effortlessness. The enormous head of the elephant signifies Wisdom and Knowledge. Elephants don't walk around obstacles, neither are they stopped by them. They just...
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Om Namah Shivaya - Om Parvati Ma

Given below is a story from he Kalki Puraan. It is about how Lord Shiv became Ardh-Naareeshwar.

Ardh-Naareeshwar is Shiv's half male and half female Roop. Shiv is on the right side and Paarvate is on his left side. Here Paarvatee sees another woman in Shiv's heart, but then she realizes that the other woman was none other but herself.

Once Gauree, the story...
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Harry and Mahashakti chant "Om Tryambakam" during a Satsang at Yoga Vidya - . cd

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

We worship the three-eyed one who is fragrant, and who sustains all living beings. May he liberate us from (Samsara) death. May he (Lord Shiva) lead us to immortality, just as the cucumber is released from its bondage.
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha - Murti at Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany in Front of Yoga Platform. Jaya Ganesha Rakshamam.
Om Shri Maha Lakshmyai Namaha

Lakshmi Ma, Lakshmi Ma, Lakshmi Ma, Lakshmi Ma
Lakshmi Ma, Lakshmi Ma, Lakshmi Ma, Lakshmi Ma

Jaya Ma, Jaya Ma, Jaya Ma, Jaya Ma
Jaya Ma, Jaya Ma, Jaya Ma, Jaya Ma

"Lakshmi throws the spell of the intoxicating sweetness of the divine; to be close to her is a profound happiness and to feel her within the heart is to make existence a rapture and a marvel; grace...
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Ayurveda seminarists chant "Mother I Feel You" during a Satsang at Yoga Vidya - . cd

Mother I feel you under my feet
Mother I hear your heart beat

Heja heja heja heja heja hejo
Heja heja heja heja heja ho-o-o-o
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna

I bow to the Lord who lives in the hearts of all.

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Shaktipriya chants "Jay Bajarangavali" during a Satsang at Yoga Vidya- . cd

Jay Bajarangavali, Jay Hanumana Ki
Jay Mahavira, Jay Hanuman
Jay Gurudeva Karo Kalyan

This Mantra is a devotional Kirtan to Rama and Hanuman. Hanuman was Ramas attendant and his greatest devotee. The devotion of Hanuman gave him immeasurable power to achieve amazing things. Therefore Hanuman is called Mahavira -...
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Om Namo Bhagavate Dattatreyaya

Om Draam Om Namah Shri Gurudevaya
Paramapurushaya Sarvadevatavaseekaraya
Sarvarishtavisnasanaya Sarvamantrachhedanaya Trailokyam
Vasamanaya Svaha Om Draam Om

I salute the Teacher, who is a Deva by Illumination, a Cosmic Person, the one that renders the cooperation of the Devas unto me, the one that destroys all impediments on my Path to Truth, the one that...
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Krishnapriya chants "Hey Hey Govinda" during a Satsang at Yoga Vidya - . cd

Hey Hey Govinda
Hey Hey Gopala
Hey Vasudeva Hey Nityananda

Shri Radhe Radhe Radhe
Radhe Radhe Radhe Shyama

Oh Krishna, you loving aspect of God, be thou my shepherd. Let me know you in all creatures as light. You are eternal joy. Let me merge with your love as Radha has become one with you.
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Om Namah Shivaya - Mantra Chanting and Kirtan
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Gopiji - Mantras and Kirtans
Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

We meditate on That Glory of Divine Light, Whose Effulgence Illuminates the entire creation, embodied in the three states - Earth, Ether and Heaven. That Supreme Light, May It remove our ignorance and enlighten our intellect.

Gayatri Mantra: [ Link ]. cd
Atmamitra chants "Shri Ganesha" during a Satsang at Yoga Vidya - . cd

Jay Ganesha, Jay Ganesha, Jay Ganesha Pahimam
Shri Ganesha, Shri Ganesha, Shri Ganesha Rakshamam
Gam Ganapataye Namo Namah, Gam Ganapataye Namo Namah

Invocation to Lord Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles, who guards the doorway to the enlightened realms. His blessings are essential for good beginnings.
Om Sharavanabhavaya Namaha

Sharavanabhava Sharavanabhava
Sharavanabhava Pahimam
Subrahmanya Subrahmanya
Subrahmanya Rakshamam

Sharavanabhava, divine Lord, we seek refuge, please grant us your protection. cd

Jaya Ganesha Kirtan: [ Link ]. cd
Shankari chants "Sharanagata" during a Satsang at Yoga Vidya - . cd

Om Sharanagata Dinarta Paritrana Parayane
Sarvasyarti Hare Devi Narayani Namostu Te

For those who are devoted to you and take refuge in you, even though helpless and perplexed, you save them from all discomfort and unhappiness. You take away all the worries, Oh Goddess, Giver of Consciousness, we bow to you.
Matacha Parvati Devi
Pita Devo Maheshwarah
Bandhavah Shiva Bhaktascha
Swadesho Bhuvanatrayam
Namah Parvati Pataye Hara Hara Mahadev

Goddess Parvati is the mother and the divine father is Shiva. The devotees are the children. The world is the creation of these divine beings and we live on the land of such celestial beings.

Annapurna Stotra Shloka 2 Matacha Parvati Devi: [ Link ]. cd
Ramashakti chants "Asato Ma Sat Gamaya" during a Satsang at Yoga Vidya - . cd

Asato Ma Sat Gamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Maamritam Gamaya

(O Lord) Keep me not in the Unreality (of the bondage of the Phenomenal World), but lead me towards the Reality (of the Eternal Self)
(O Lord) Keep me not in the Darkness (of Ignorance), but lead me towards the Light (of Spiritual Knowledge)
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