Manu Bennett
01/21/2017 at 21:08. Facebook
"Listen up you maggots...." (DEATHRACE 2050)
Manu Bennett
01/21/2017 at 02:45. Facebook
My Huia
Manu Bennett
01/21/2017 at 02:40. Facebook
Cider & Ping Pong with a couple of very old stunt guys
Manu Bennett
01/21/2017 at 02:38. Facebook
There's a little girl party in the house
Manu Bennett
01/19/2017 at 00:37. Facebook
Thanks bob for this cool edit of my pic from beneath the tower in Belgrade
Manu Bennett
01/19/2017 at 00:36. Facebook
Reflecting on my awesome time Switzerland last month with my good friend Michel
Manu Bennett
01/18/2017 at 05:24. Facebook
Teaching my kids to fly
Manu Bennett
01/18/2017 at 04:04. Facebook
Mokoia @ Muriwai
Manu Bennett
01/18/2017 at 03:57. Facebook
Sand writing their name #mokoia #pania
Manu Bennett talks playing Frankenstein and shares a spoiler about working with Malcolm McDowell in the upcoming movie 'Death Race 2050.'

Manu Bennett on the Biggest Challenge Playing Frankenstein for 'Death Race 2050'
With my good friends Hone Mihaka & his pregnant partner Kelly - having a boy
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So happy when they're happy Merry Christmas Everybody --- xoxo. #surprise #huiarockstar
If you know what you want, just buy it from Santa yourself!! #ps4pro #ebgames featuring @marluxia.bliss as