Manu Bennett
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On Waiheke Island, this is the view from Putiki O Kahu looking down over Rangihoua. The inlet below is where the Te Arawa waka first made land fall bringing my people to Aotearoa (New Zealand). Here they relashed the hulls of their vessels after the long sea voyage. Though our people journeyed further down the coast to Maketu then inhabited Rotorua my ancestor Kahumatamomoe returned to this...
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Manu Bennett
03/24/2017 at 05:36. Facebook
Haka lessons on #onetangibeach with this French warrior @clement.fresnel
Manu Bennett
03/23/2017 at 19:06. Facebook
Think you're smart kid. Answer this. "Assumption is the mother of all .... ... "
Manu Bennett
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Running at Piha today with my favourite dog Possum
Manu Bennett
03/23/2017 at 00:17. Facebook
Nothing bothers me more than b.s. Get your facts right #Arrow - d.s.
Manu Bennett
03/21/2017 at 06:37. Facebook
My work vehicle #Trienko #Allanon #shannara #fresian
Star of The Shannara Chronicles, Manu Bennett, can’t stay away! He joins our April lineup for Gold Coast and Melbourne!

Manu plays Allanon in the TV series The Shannara Chronicles. You may also recognise Manu as Deathstroke from Arrow, Crixus from Spartacus, and on the big screen as Azog the Defiler in The Hobbit trilogy.
Find out more about Manu here:
I worked with these clowns on Spartacus, reunited for more shenanigans on #shannara
#paniabennett as #Deathstroke & #mokoiabennett as #skullskimask
#allanon grappling with the past's future #shannara
#allanon grasping with the past's future #shannara
My good friends Justin & Shannon taking an outdoor bath we set up in my backyard.
Another #stingpong victim
Reunited #shannara Season 2
The blazing sunrise today from the #allanon trailer #shannara
From an avid Tolkien fan ...
Opening of the #popupglobe #popupglobetheatreauckland
The Office #rangitoto #volcano #chillsunday #seadoorxpx260
Garth getting some work done