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Does this waiata bring back memories for you?

My Party Song | On-demand via
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All performances from the ASB Polyfest Māori Stage now available to watch on-demand e hoa mā! Click now to find your rōpū, and make sure you vote for the People's Choice Award! #homeofhaka #māoritv

Watch ASB Polyfest '17 now!
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We've got you sussed this Friday. Yussssss!

Born To Dance| Friday 8.30pm
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Your favourite karaoke show is back whānau! It may not change your life, but it might change your night.

Sidewalk Karaoke | Premieres Thursday 8.30pm
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Our hottest new comedy drama The Ring Inz, coming soon to #māoritv. Think Pitch Perfect, meets Modern Family set on a Marae... what could go wrong?!

The Ring Inz | Premieres Thursday 9pm
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Follow haka rōpū Ngā Tūmanako during their Te Matatini '17 prep & witness the highs & lows that come with competitive kapa haka.

Haka Life | Premieres Wednesday 9pm
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A family court has ruled a seven-year-old girl be removed from her full immersion, reo Māori school because her father doesn't speak Māori and feels excluded. Watch the exclusive Native Affairs interview now.

Court rules no Māori immersion school for child
We saved the best till last for our #morningfix ft. Pani & Pani. Don't miss the premiere of #GameofBros, this Wednesday at 8.30pm. #māoritv
What happens when Queens go country?! Queens of Panguru coming soon to #māoritv
Māu tēnei poi, he mea hono ki a au, ake, ake. Nōu e whai nei i tō ara kia wātea kia herekore.
I give you this poi, forever connected to me. In the journey of you, as you fly to be free.

Poi360 new series | Watch now via
Just clearin' up those Monday blues Here's our last #GameofBros contestant, Rorani Arakua. Only 2 more sleeps until the premiere e hoa mā! #māoritv #morningfix
Make it raaaaaaaaain Joash Fahitua is today's #GameofBros contestant. #māoritv #morningfix
Hey Puawai is taking over our snapchat at the ASB Polyfest today e hoa mā! Follow us now to see all the haps on the ground. U/name - maoritv
Ata mārie, looks like it'll be a fine day today Meet Rakena Takerei, our next #GameofBros contestant. #māoritv #morningfix
Mōrena! Meet today's #GameofBros contestant, Phoenix Puleanga. Less than a week until you get to see all these boys in action e hoa mā! #māoritv #morningfix
Introducing Joshua Tupou, another one of our #GameofBros contestants #māoritv #thirstythursday
If you've got FOMO at the ASB Polyfest, add us on Snapchat to see what's happening on the ground over the next few days. Sonny Ngatai is taking over today! #māoritv #homeofhaka
Meet Jason Sawyer, our fifth #GameofBros contestant #māoritv #morningfix
Who are you picking to win the ASB Polyfest this year? Vote for your fav rōpū from each division now, & the one with the most votes will win a cash prize! #Polyfest2017 #MāoriTV

ASB Polyfest 2017 People's Choice Award