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The Suppa and LaValley families know the heartache of premature birth; their twins and triplets were born 12 and 10 weeks early. Thanks to March of Dimes funded advancements, all five kids are doing well and will be at March for Babies! Make more breakthroughs possible and join the movement: [ Link ]

Twins, triplets faced fragile beginning
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All babies, whether they‘re born early or right on time, benefit from advances in prenatal and postpartum care made possible by the March of Dimes. Your efforts during March for Babies directly support our mission. We‘re so proud to say that we‘re all March of Dimes babies — you, your children and future generations. [ Link ]

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Planning a vacation? The CDC recently updated its Zika travel guidance. Here's what you need to know.

Zika travel guidance – helpful tools
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Nolan and Jayce's mom was on bed rest for 6 weeks when the twins were born at just 31 weeks, Nolan 3 lbs 7oz & Jayce 3 lbs 10oz. They spent 5 weeks in the NICU with their parents rooting for them and just last fall they started kindergarten! #NICUgrad
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Have you seen our March for Babies ecards? They're a fun, easy way to ask your friends to support your team! [ Link ]
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NICU parents have different needs than parents of full-term, healthy babies. What helped you most during your family’s time in the NICU?

17 Ways To Help Preemie Parents In The NICU
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U.S. infant mortality rates reach new lows but March of Dimes notes that racial inequities persist. “We cannot be complacent,” urges Dr. Paul Jarris, chief medical officer. [ Link ]

US infant mortality rates down 15%
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Show off your March of Dimes pride all year long in your March for Babies t-shirt! Every person who raises $100 or more will qualify. Check your progress or get started today: [ Link ]
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Every year we walk to honor the babies we have lost, and this year we will have new opportunities to remember them. Be inspired as you see their names along our memory mile and stop by the memory garden to pay tribute to the ones who couldn't be with us on walk day.

March for Babies
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The March of Dimes is proud to launch a new collaborative to advance equity and reduce premature birth. #prematuritycollab

March of Dimes launches new Prematurity Campaign Collaborative
March of Dimes
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Thirty-three years. $141 million raised. Just why is Kmart, our longest-standing corporate partner, so committed to our mission? It’s because they know Aidan, Lauren, Kieran, Elijah and Nina, and every baby, deserve a healthy and happy start. Now through June 17th, you can support their efforts by giving in-store or online. Thank you Kmart, its associates and customers, for joining our...
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We're always filling time by scrolling through our phones and now you can use your idle time to boost your March for Babies fundraising! Get the March for Babies app for iPhone: [ Link ] and Android: [ Link ]
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You can be a champion this season. Sign up to March for Babies, make a donation and fundraise to help give every baby a fighting chance. It’s a guaranteed win. Join: [ Link ]
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Now that her preemie twins are nearly two, this mom reflected on her NICU stay. What do you wish you had done differently during your NICU journey?

7 Things I Wish I Had Done In The NICU
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My daughter, Willow, was born 8 weeks premature. Because of Willow’s early arrival, I was at a higher risk for another preemie. Thanks to March of Dimes awareness efforts and research I developed a prenatal plan that helped me carry Willow’s brother, Theo, to term! I walk so more families can have full-term, healthy babies. Join me? – Keri, NICU Family Support Program Coordinator [ Link ]
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Why do you walk? Is it because you are honoring a lost baby or celebrating a NICU grad? No matter what your reason, we hope you’ll join us at March for Babies [ Link ]
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Born at 24 weeks, just 1 lb. 8 oz, Beckham spent 185 days in the NICU. When he turned 1 earlier this year, all of his doctors and nurses were invited to his birthday party. His mom wanted to make a thank you speech to the team that saved his life. Instead, she shared her emotions in a poem. [ Link ]

Premature baby's mom writes poem to hospital staff
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Are you a March for Babies team captain? We’re here to help you hit your team fundraising goal with tools, scripts, emails and best practices. Find them here: [ Link ]
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The recent news of Zika infection possibly spreading through donated sperm reminds us that Zika is still a threat to the health of our babies. We must continue to protect ourselves and our communities.

Zika and sperm – a new concern
Did you hear the BIG news? Beyoncé selected our President, Stacey Stewart, as one of her Women Making History! Check it out on BeyGood: [ Link ]