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The deadline for Open Enrollment 2017 is almost here! Does your family or a family you know still need health insurance? Don’t miss your chance to get covered for this year! Learn more about coverage and plans at [ Link ]
March of Dimes
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Does it seem like everyone around you is sneezing or coughing? Unfortunately colds are in season! Find out from our experts how to spot the symptoms and care for your baby's cold - and when to contact your doctor:
March of Dimes
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You may have heard that during pregnancy, you shouldn't be the one to change your cat's litter box or eat unwashed fruits and veggies, but do you know why? Learn more about toxoplasmosis and how to #prevent2protect: [ Link ]
March of Dimes
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When did your little one start rolling over, sitting up, standing and walking? No two babies are exactly alike, so here are some general guidelines for developmental milestones:
March of Dimes
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Many of us make New Year's resolutions that we intend to keep. But do you ever wonder how your resolutions many affect others? If you are the parent of a child with special needs, that may be something to consider:
March of Dimes
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Now that winter has arrived, it seems like the temperatures are decreasing and the spread of germs is increasing. When in doubt, wash your hands: [ Link ] #Prevent2Protect

When in doubt, wash your hands
March of Dimes
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As the mom of a preemie, Maureen has faced the uncertainty and fear of not knowing if her baby will survive being born too soon. She knows how much every ounce of support for the March of Dimes helps more babies survive, like her daughter Kira did, and like so many, this is why she walks. Why do you walk in March for Babies?
March of Dimes
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A new study shows that 40% of uninsured women in the U.S. are African American. It’s important for everyone to have health insurance—do you have yours yet? Visit for coverage details and plan options. [ Link ]
March of Dimes
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News Moms Need guest blogger Sarah Verbiest, Director of the National Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative, shares advices about how you can be your healthiest self in 2017: [ Link ] #Prevent2Protect
March of Dimes
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Lola, three months old, has already endured two heart surgeries for a life-threatening congenital heart defect. When she couldn't be soothed, mom found a unique way to calm her cries - she put on a Dallas Cowboys game! How did you comfort your baby in the NICU? Stay strong Lola! [ Link ] #BirthDefectsPreventionMonth

After heart surgery, this baby can only be soothed by Dallas Cowboys
March of Dimes
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Skylar Jones was born prematurely at 36 weeks. She was rushed to UAB Hospital in Alabama where she had open heart surgery at just 2 weeks old. There she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and in addition to her heart surgery, she had 5 other surgeries. Her mom says “she is a true inspiration, and almost always has a smile on her face.” #NICUtoNow #BirthDefectsPreventionMonth
Lend your voice in a nationwide effort to raise awareness of how preventing infections during pregnancy can impact birth defects and join the #Prevent2Protect National Birth Defects Prevention Month social movement this Wednesday. [ Link ]
For pregnant women and babies, food poisoning can be extremely dangerous, possibly causing premature birth, miscarriage, or stillbirth. Our health experts have the best ways to protect yourself here: #Prevent2Protect
Pets are part of the family, but when you're pregnant, take these steps to help keep yourself safe from potential exposure to parasites and infections: [ Link ] #BirthDefectsPreventionMonth
Disparities persist across a range of health measures for moms and babies. March of Dimes remains committed to health equity for every baby, family and community. We have a dream that one day, every baby will have a healthy start to life. We invite you to join this fight. [ Link ] #MLKDay
As we celebrate the life and work of Dr. King, we dream of a day where every baby has a healthy start to life. This is not the reality for too many mothers and babies, as health disparities persist across the country. Our march continues as we fight for a fair chance for every baby. [ Link ] #MLKDay
“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?”- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day we thank you for doing something on behalf of the health of moms and babies. Whether you donate, walk in March for Babies, participate in our advocacy network, locally volunteer or raise your voice on social media, you are making a difference. For...
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Mood swings are a normal part of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, but if you're feeling overwhelmed we have the expert advice for women who are asking themselves, "Why am I crying all the time?" [ Link ]
Baby William lived for only 11 days after being born with a severe congenital heart defect, just long enough for his parents to capture his memory in a photoshoot alongside his surviving twin sister. Tragically William passed away, but his family will always have these photos to remember him by: [ Link ]

Beautiful photos help family remember twin who died after 11 days
Libby, once a NICU nurse, never imagined she would be a NICU mom until her son was born too soon due to a birth defect. [ Link ] #BirthDefectsPreventionMonth

Birth Defects Prevention Month: It Happened to Us