Mari Smith
01/17/2017 at 20:41. Facebook
Okay, I made a few adjustments to the text placement so my cover image shows up properly on mobile devices! Given the fact that approximately 90% of Facebook users access the platform predominantly on mobile, it’s best to design your images & content to allow for that.

Facebook DISPLAYS Page cover images at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers, and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels...
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Mari Smith
01/17/2017 at 08:29. Facebook
Did you know? You can add a profile video on your Facebook Page (&/or personal Timeline.) Use Facebook's mobile app to record or upload. Make your video up to 7-seconds and it will loop. Add subtle animation using an app like Lumyer. Or, create a slideshow with photos &/or video clips using Adobe Spark or Animoto. Or, use Diptic's animation feature like I did here. Or, even try your hand at a...
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Mari Smith
01/17/2017 at 08:19. Facebook
Mari Smith
01/17/2017 at 06:05. Facebook
Woohooo, time to change up my page cover image!! I love using Adobe Spark because they give you giant templates so the images and font comes out nice and crisp and high res. YAY! I'm super excited to host many more webinars, Facebook Live broadcasts, international webcasts and more this year! Message me on Facebook to find out more about my services, or visit this page: [ Link...
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Mari Smith
01/12/2017 at 21:46. Facebook
Awesome new Facebook Live features rolling out!! Which updates are you most excited about? And what features would you love to see added still?

6 Live updates rolling out now:

❶ Go Live from your web browser to your Page -- Facebook states that a variety of broadcasts "...benefit from an easy, stable camera setup, and bringing Live to laptops and desktops will make this style of...
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How to Use Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Brand or Business. Loved doing this podcast interview for Buffer!! Take a look through the extensive show notes with resources + listen to the episode, packed with tips. Special mentions to great examples: Ezra Firestone of, Chatbooks, The Betty Rocker, Scott Monty, Little Passports.

PLUS, come join me this week for #bufferchat...
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How to Use Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Brand or Business
Page Admins: have you noticed a bug with not being able to see the people who like your page? The wheel just spins and nothing loads. #facebug Grr! (I've heard a number of folks experiencing this issue and have reported it... will see what else I can find out for you.)
Ta-Da!! Contest Winners!! Woohoo, HUGE congrats to our four lucky winners!! These 3 fab folks each get an Animoto Hoodie:
Nancy Alexander of Ladybug Wreaths
Dan Sadler of HolisticRevolution
Shereen Daly of Shereen Daly, Independent Diamond Beachbody Coach
And, our Grand Prize Winner receives six months' membership in Mari’s Inner Circle Program + a $100 certificate + 30 minute...
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39 Facebook Questions Answered! Epic guide here, based on BuzzSumo's study of 800 million Facebook posts! One to save/bookmark and refer back to for your 2017 Facebook content plans!

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement in 2017
Happy New Year, dear Facebook friends!! ✨ May all your dreams come true in 2017!! CHEERS! *clink* ????✨
New Year Facebook Contest - comment to enter!! Add your comment with, "I love Facebook video because..." (and fill in your answer). Or, "I love Facebook Live because..." or, "I love sharing videos on Facebook because."
ONE comment entry per person. PLUS, get up to 3 additional entries:
✅ Add a photo with your comment!
✅ Add a video to your comment!
✅ Share this on your Facebook page!
Max =...
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Greetings Facebook Friends around the world — I hope it’s not too early to wish you a truly amazing New Year. ✨ To quote T. S. Eliot, “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”
I know 2016 has been a challenging year for many people around the world. My wish for all is that we can start afresh with renewed vision...
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New Facebook, Instagram & Messenger updates - just to name a few recent ones! ✨

❶ Facebook's NEW "Live Studio" for celebrities via the Mentions app: replay trimming (yay!), adjust brightness, disable mirroring, create comment blocklists & more. (Hope these all roll out to more users soon!)
See: [ Link ]
& [ Link ]

❷ Facebook Live Audio - just like the radio, but...
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CONGRATS to our winner Jodi Ana!! Prize: Mari Smith Live Video Kit by iOgrapher + six months Inner Circle membership! ✨
Facebook Live Video: Tips from the Trenches!! PLUS, special Giveaway! WIN a "Mari Smith Live Video Kit!" by iOgrapher Just comment "I LOVE VIDEO" on this Facebook Live post and/or the Live training for Adobe Spark at [ Link ] Any (positive!) comments are fine. Everyone who comments on this post and/or the Adobe Spark post is elligible to win. One lucky winner will be drawn at...
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How To Create Professional Video Content In Minutes...for Free! Facebook Live training by Mari Smith, sponsored by Adobe Spark! ✨NEW✨ feature just announced: create videos using Adobe Spark Video with video clips and/or photos! Test on desktop: Or iOS app: [ Link ]. It's really FREE! Huge thanks to our special guests today
Michaela Strand from the Adobe Spark team....
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Wowee! LIVE 360 Video is coming to Facebook!! On Tuesday, December 13th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET, Facebook will launch Live 360 video with National Geographic LIVE from the Mars Desert Research Station facility in Utah. Neato! Read more about this news here: [ Link ]

Being able to go live in 360 will be "almost as good as being there." For a great 360 video camera, check out ALLie...
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Introducing Live 360 | Facebook Media
'Tis the Season! LIVE tutorial of how to create fun, professional Holiday videos - whether for marketing and/or your Holiday video greeting cards for friends and family! Get 20% off any new Professional or Business subscription of Animoto - go to & enter code MARICHEER. Valid through 12.31.16.
Folks, be sure to double check the new sections on your Facebook Page - you may find there is now a lot of scrolling to be done to see your actual posts on mobile or desktop! To edit, view your Page on desktop where you'll access the 'Manage Tabs' setting.

Also, hover over the 'More' button and click 'View as Page Visitor' to see exactly what other people see when they visit your Page.

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