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3 Aliens and a scared Ian. Pretty much a true story.
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Our album #Astoria and single #WhoDoYouLove have officially gone GOLD! Thank YOU for your support of this record, we couldn't have done it without you! #goldcertified
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Happy birthday #MasterpieceTheatre! We released the album 8 years ago today! AND today it's available on vinyl in the US!
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LOTS of new #MTmerch is now up on the 604 Records store! Including #thelastcrusade tour merch! #LASTCHANCE [ Link ]
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Yeah but I'm looking for Tibetan Walnut Milk for my coffee, do you have that?
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You know that handsome devil Royce that plays on stage with us sometimes? He's in a wicked band called @jupiterwinterband. We think you should go follow them cause they're rad. Pic courtesy Dale Klippenstein
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Don't you forget about me.
Going to Rock out for @chevroletcanada in a couple hours at the auto show. Do you think they'll let me take this sweet ride home? I love trucks.
Checking out all the sweet @chevroletcanada cars at the auto show in Toronto. Hopefully The Bolt will help shape the future by seriously cutting emissions.
A long time friend who came to the show yesterday said we don't have regular fans, we have true followers who put every ounce of passion out there when they come to a show. We couldn't agree more. Thank you to everyone who made this tour absolutely special, we love you all. Pic courtesy @briannagenereux via Twitter
Thank you Canada! #thelastcrusade #untilwemeetagain
Happy Valentines Day Trenchers!! Create and send your own #MT Valentines Day cards here! [ Link ] XOXO #spreadthelove #WDYL
Still some tickets left for Abbotsford tonight. Let's close this tour out with a bang shall we? Whos coming??? Pic courtesy @Philip_Perron via Twitter
Jumping for joy in Victoria. #lastcrusade #hhe
Only this #snowmaggedon can keep us from you!! See you Monday Abbotsford!!
Hey you guys! Yes the Abbotsford show tonight is postponed until MONDAY, February 13th because we are stuck in the snow! Wish we could be there, SEE YOU MONDAY! All tickets will be honoured.
Hey everyone. So we're still sitting up in the middle of BC cause the highways are all closed. Honestly thought we were going to die last night. Abbotsford show has been postponed to Monday Feb 13th. Victoria is still on for the scheduled date! See you all soon!
Prince George where have you been all my life? You are amazing! Pic courtesy @CarolHansson via Twitter