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Ranulph’s injury meant he wasn’t able to finish climbing Mount Aconcagua. But guess what? Having had the OK from his doctor, he isn’t going to give up! He tells us what happened and why he’s determined to carry on.

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A worrying two-thirds of UK nurses have told us they don't have enough time to care for dying patients. Help us spread the word that we must give nurses the chance to provide the best quality care.

Nurses say they don’t have enough time to care for dying patients
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When you think "hospice", what do you think? Gloomy? Quiet, perhaps?

Meet Helen, our wonderful hospice manager at Newcastle Hospice, and find out what hospices' are REALLY like: [ Link ]
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"It’s understandable to feel scared or unsure of what to say to a friend who has a family member with a terminal illness. Know that your role as a friend is important, and make sure you take care of yourself, too."

Looking after a friend through times like these can be tough. Do you have any of your own tips you'd like to share?

5 Ways to Help Your Friend Who’s Dealing With a Terminal Illness in the Family
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“It’s just a laugh-a-minute with her! She has a wicked sense of humour and we both love reggae music."

Kathryn is living with terminal bowel cancer and met Emily through our helper volunteer scheme – they’re like two peas in a pod!

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"Don't wait. I said my goodbye to my dying father just after his terminal diagnosis. Yes, saying goodbye can be sad, but the truth is, it can also be beautiful."

5 Ways To Say Goodbye To A Dying Loved One
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"Romy brought 'Cardboard Mummy' to the front of her class and talked about her mum dying and how sad she was. I was worried this was unusual, but it was her way of coping."

How a mummy made of cardboard brought new life to my daughter
"When I'm collecting I'm reminded of the happy times. If my husband is looking down, I know he'd be happy that I'm doing something positive."

The amazing Robena is one of our Great Daffodil Appeal volunteers and we can't thank her enough for her support. [ Link ]
"We laugh with patients and their loved ones, give them hugs when they need it, and make them numerous cups of tea. What I'm trying to say is that hospice can mean laughter and joy - making the most out of the time people have left."

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This Valentine's Day we'd like to share the moment that Glyn and Maureen had the chance to get married at our Cardiff Hospice. It was such a beautiful day, and we're so glad we could make this possible for them.

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"You don't need to have a faith or a qualification to console a dying person, it's something anyone can do. No special badge required. I think, too often, our anxiety about saying the 'wrong thing' leads us not to visit someone. But just learning what it means to be there for someone is enough."

How to die well | Johannes Klabbers
We couldn't do what we do without supporters like you. Geoff is supporting the Great Daffodil Appeal for his wife, why are you?

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"I'm turning 50 in March - the year I become older than my big brother. People say 'what would you say if you had one more hour with him?' The truth is, I don't have an answer. I have already had my hour with my dead brother. I had it when he was still my brave, beautiful, dignified, dying brother."

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“I remember a mum who knew she was dying and her son couldn’t get here because of the train strike. She was really upset, so I said to her, ‘what is it you want to say to him? Pretend I’m him and tell me.' She knew I'd tell him exactly what it was she wanted him to know."

Sally's been a nurse for over 10 years, helping people and their families be themselves right until the end: [ Link ]
"We were in the hospice and dad had completely lost his speech, but I'll never forget his eyes when I told him 'you're going to be a granddad again!' He looked right at me and squeezed my hand tight - I'm so glad we had that moment."

Here’s a lovely photo of Ruth with her Dad, who we cared for at our hospice in Belfast. [ Link ]
“I'm not the type to go into a corner and wait to die. Our family is going to get out there and enjoy ourselves - we’re going to make some memories.” [ Link ]
Meet Mary, she's been a Marie Curie Nurse for 22 years!
“We're with a patient for nine hours and I love giving them that time. I’m willing to do anything to help. I washed the curtains while one man was asleep and in the morning, he had a big smile on his face and said ‘Thank you Mary, I can see the sun’" [ Link ]
This glorious field of soon-to-bloom daffodils is worth £70,000 of nursing care. Get yours at Tesco!
Two thirds of the people we care for have cancer. For people like Tony, our care means he can literally get back on his feet again.

On World Cancer Day, we're showing our support for people like Tony and for everyone that has ever been affected by cancer. Show yours by passing Tony's story on or sharing your words of support.
"you don't look like you've got cancer"

It's natural to not always know what to say to someone with cancer. Sometimes it's just about someone knowing you're there if they need you.