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Marie Curie UK
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Don’t be afraid to be honest about how you’re feeling – you may want to keep everything inside so as not to worry the person you’re caring for or other members of your family, but it’s important you get the support you need too.

Do you have any of your own tips on caring for someone you love that you'd like to share?

6 ways to look after your wellbeing when you’re caring for someone

Marie Curie UK
01/15/2017 at 18:56. Facebook
Every year thousands of you take time out of your daily life to volunteer for The Great Daffodil Appeal. Why? Here's a few of our collectors telling their story. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Marie Curie UK
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Despite getting her terminal diagnosis Sara is still smiling, embodying her own mission of getting people to be nicer to each other - "People say it’s a lovely legacy, something nice to be remembered by. But I have no interest in being remembered. I just want the world I’m leaving to be a kinder place.”

Archers star unveils kindness campaign after terminal cancer diagnosis

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01/12/2017 at 18:57. Facebook
Viewers are criticising the much-loved soap, BBC EastEnders for the way they showed children being told about the deaths of their parents. But is there really a right or wrong way to do it and if so what is it? We ask Rachel, our Children and Young People’s Counsellor at Marie Curie Hospice Liverpool...

Finding the words: how do you tell a child that someone’s died?

Marie Curie UK
01/11/2017 at 18:59. Facebook
Urgent action is needed to tackle health and social care and people living with a terminal illness are one of the groups seriously affected. This is why we've signed an open letter to Theresa May calling for a cross-party approach to finding a solution. Help us and sign the petition and share: [ Parliament.uk Link ]

Health and social care funding must be urgently tackled

Marie Curie UK
01/10/2017 at 19:03. Facebook
"If I am ever given a terminal diagnosis, my hope would be to remain focused on who and what is important to me."

How bucket lists help the terminally ill – and those around them

"Marie Curie was a wonderful support to the family and to my mother. I'd call the nurses when I needed advice – for example, if I couldn't get Mum to eat anything, or if I was concerned about the falls she was having if she was weak. They also offered emotional support to both Mum and me when either of us started to worry about 'what next'?”

Deirdre is swimming for her mum in this year’s...
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Why Deirdre is swimming for her mum

'When the going gets tough, you will get going. A part of you steps in that you never knew existed. You never think twice about the tasks at hand and lovingly carry them out, no questions asked. Don’t be afraid. When you love someone, caregiving comes naturally.' [ Huffpost.com Link ]

10 Things I Learned From Caring For My Mother During The Final Days Of Her Life

“I’d rather have five years together, and they be the happiest five years of my life than not have Matthew. We'll love each other to the very end.”

Congratulations Matthew and Sarah ❤

Terminally ill man batting a brain tumour pops the question with heartbreaking proposal

"In one day’s time I see humanity at it’s very best and it’s very worst as I hold another person’s hand while they walk the tight rope between life and death.
Before those last breaths are taken, though, I get to talk to people about what truly matters to them. We talk about life and death and what it means to live while dying.
I witness lives changing forever."

An open letter to the spouses of palliative care professionals

"I’ve learned not to be afraid of emotions, whether they are mine or someone else’s. Sometimes, at the hospice, I might be in tears when I see the pain that people are going through. But that’s what makes us all humans – it shows we have compassion and empathy."

Meet Blanka: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"There are lots of scary things in life, and I think death is one of them. But I can’t think of anything much scarier than being asked what my Dad or either of my brothers would want in this situation, and having absolutely no idea. It would destroy me."

Naomi was so grateful that her parents had spoken openly about death, here she is urging others to do the same.

If You Make One New Year's Resolution This Year: Make It to Talk About Death

You might be determined and focused one minute and scared or unsure in another. There is no right or wrong. Take your situation one day at a time.

5 ways you can look after yourself in the New Year

Semi-retired taxman Sean Vickers is living proof that’s it’s never too late to go for your dream job! - "I finally feel like I have a career I feel passionate about."

'I finally have a career I feel passionate about - at 55!'

“It’s about living the life you’ve got rather than focusing on the death which will come to all of us.”

Marie Curie Chaplain talks about the life and hope found in a hospice

"Life was for living, mum told us, and there was nothing to be gained by moping around. I want to fly like a bird!"
"Geneva's example of joyously embracing her life inspired me. My own depression receded as the future once again became a thing of possibility, not doom."

How a skydiving granny gave him a new perspective on terminal illness

'One man was discharged and taken to the beach one last time. He'd lived near the beach all his life and it was his dying wish to see it one last time. The crew in attendance made a journey home a special memory for him and his family.” This fantastic new scheme means dying patients will now have the option to be taken to the place they want to end their life, anywhere in the North East.

Ambulance crews grant final wishes to the dying

"I can see it vividly even now - it was a Saturday night and I was caring for a man who had his family all sat around his bedroom wrapping presents for one of the kids, whose birthday was the next day. We stayed up until late chatting, they were so lovely.

The next morning at half past 7 the family reminded me that it was the end of my shift. I told them there was no rush and that I didn’t...
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A night of I’ll never forget

Today we're thinking of our staff and volunteers that are there to help people living with a terminal illness and their families spend Christmas together, for what may be the last time – it’s a gift they won’t forget. If you need us today, our support line is open. You can chat to one of our advisers on 0800 090 2309. All the very best.
Judy lost her daughter to Leukaemia more than 30 years ago. Today she spends Christmas Day at the bedsides of patients reaching the end of life. The impact of her volunteering his huge, here she is meeting a patients daughter, Amanda years on... [ Telegraph.co.uk Link ]