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"Sometimes, the anticipation of spending certain times of year without your mum can be worse than the actual days themselves. Perhaps the most important thing is to simply recognise that the upcoming days might be hard, and to allow yourself to grieve in your own way."

9 ways to cope with grief this Mother's Day
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Daffodil wearers, collectors, fundraisers and proud supporters - we're all helping to support more people living with terminal illness and their families. Every daffodil counts - let's show our support for the Great Daffodil Appeal! [ Link ]
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"I still remember some of the families I first cared for. You never forget them – you drive past their houses and remember being with them and how it felt. People still choose to do things in their own way, even in their last moments." [ Link ]
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“Pain is just the visible part of the iceberg of suffering. What is ignored is the part below the surface — feelings of hopelessness and despair, worries about money, about children. That is what palliative care is about."

Who are the death doulas? And how are they helping people to die better? – Stories from the end of life
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"Oh they could have taken me right then, and I would have been the happiest person. That I could be there one last time by the ocean and on the sand."

Officer takes dying woman to the beach to fulfill her last wish
"Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough" – Karl Marx

Is it surprising that a recent survey has found that the idea of saying goodbye with a joke most appeals to us? When the time comes, how do you want to say goodbye?

Seven ways to say goodbye, featuring Bob Marley and Winston Churchill
"At the age of 33, it's kind of embarrassing. If you look at me you would think there's nothing wrong with me. Sometimes it just makes me feel like having a sign on my back saying, 'I'm dying, leave me be!'"

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“If someone is dying, they may want their cat or dog by their bedside. These are the sorts of things that aren't in any of the medical textbooks."

Doctors should ask dying Brits if they want their pets at their bedside
"Our Marie Curie nurse came to me and said ‘come and be with him’. She told my son to ring his sister and ask her to come over, so that we were all there when my husband, Ken, died. She helped us spend our last moments together. I’d like other families to have special moments together like we did." [ Link ]
"It's helped me forget that my mum’s even got cancer because normally she’s all around walking, doing her jobs, doing what she has to do for the family to keep it going. Marie Curie has really helped her in that."

This is Aron and Sasha talking about their mum, Paola. Here she talks to us about supporting her boys and overcoming her fears: [ Link ]
"Time is very valuable, no moment should be wasted. I do not have to wait. I can complete my own dream"

Chen has vowed not to waste any time by waiting for others to achieve her life goals, so she's decided to take them on alone.

Terminally ill 27-year-old poses alone for bridal photo shoot
"He needed that one last cuddle with Maxie and he needed to hear that it was ok to leave us and not to worry because we were going to be ok. I told him he will always be part of our life and Maxie will know how awesome he was every single day."

We're so glad that Jay had this lovely moment with Maxie.

Terminally-ill dad got to watch his ‘miracle’ son being born and then hugged him just hours before he lost his brave fight against cancer
We took along a video camera to show you the difference Sarah’s dog, Ruby, makes to our West Midlands hospice...
“Mum was only 55 when she passed away with breast cancer, so I’ve experienced first-hand how crucial it is to have the right support. Now I’m a Marie Curie nurse and rally car driver - I know Mum would be proud. All-female rally teams are unusual in the sport, we love giving the boys a run for their money! My advice for you is this - don’t be intimidated by anything or anyone, you really are...
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"I was very close to my own dad who I lost in 1985. Not being able to witness his death was very painful. I would have loved to be there with him at the end. I think it’s very special to be with your family when they die. A person who I cared for recently had a peaceful, loving, happy life. The children surrounded him when he was dying. He was pleased, peaceful – he even prayed for me." [...
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"If our relationship seems like a fairy tale, it’s not too far off. Except for the part about me getting cancer. All I can hope for is that the right person reads this, finds Jason, and another love story begins..."

'He is an easy man to fall in love with': Terminally ill author writes heartbreaking dating profile for her husband
Daffodil wearers, collectors, fundraisers and proud supporters - this is why it matters... [ Link ]
Justin may look like your typical, incredible Marie Curie nurse, but behind the nurses uniform is a fashionista! Justin used to be a fashion designer, so we caught up with him at our Garden of Light to find out why he made the switch: [ Link ]
“The hospice wasn’t a sad place because everyone was surrounded by their loved ones. Respect was a big word my mum used a lot when I was growing up and it’s something I passed on to my children. So it’s lovely that she was treated with so much respect in her final days.”

Here's a lovely photo of Linda with the nurse that cared for her mum at our Hampstead Hospice. If you'd like to help...
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“My mum had dementia and forgot she packed up smoking. She used to say ‘I want a fag’! The nurses used to take her outside in the wheelchair and let her have a cigarette. I’d go, ‘so how was that mum?’ And she’d say ‘ah, it was wonderful!’ They actually caught her lighting up in the ward one day – all the alarms went off and everything!”

A lovely photo of Linda with the nurse that cared for...
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