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Marie Curie UK
yesterday at 19:02. Facebook
"I know wherever she is she'll be making someone else's Christmas a bit easier to cope with." Nurses like Jordyn's mum will be working this Christmas Day, and Jordan and her family couldn't be prouder.

Read more about the vital nursing care we will be delivering over Christmas: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Marie Curie UK
12/05/2016 at 19:02. Facebook
"I wondered if this was something people actually think. I mean, do you really wonder how we do it? How we make it through the day? For days I’ve tried to come up with an answer and realised we survive on love. That's really all. It's much more powerful than I knew it could be."

How I Answer 'I Don't Know How You Do It' as the Parent of a Terminally Ill Child

Marie Curie UK
12/04/2016 at 19:01. Facebook
When someone told Glyn and Maureen that you could get married at our Cardiff Hospice, they jumped at the chance. A beautiful day, that we're so glad we could make possible. Congratulations to you both, we wish you all the love and happiness in the world! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Marie Curie UK
12/03/2016 at 18:59. Facebook
"When Steve became ill, he knew exactly where he wanted to be for Christmas, so we bought a caravan and moved to the Suffolk coast! We all pulled together and got on with things, but by Christmas the children were finding it tough and that's when we met Pam.

The amazing thing about our Marie Curie Nurse was that she somehow just connected with the kids, and with my two, that’s hard to do....
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Marie Curie UK
12/02/2016 at 18:58. Facebook
Spread the Christmas cheer and buy your cards and gifts in our Christmas shop. Every order we receive helps us fund the work of our nurses. For free delivery use the code XMASDELIVERY before 5th December at midnight! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Marie Curie UK
11/30/2016 at 19:02. Facebook
'I think if I was younger I wouldn’t go for the big bricks and mortar. I'd enjoy life. I'd go and smell the roses again. I'd take a trip overseas and go and see Australia... have fun with the kids.'

People with a terminal illness reveal what's truly important in life

"I know how important every penny is, I lost my Dad when I was 13. Every moment is important here, every hello and every arm around the shoulder - so i'd like to say thank you this Giving Tuesday to everyone who put a pound in someone’s collection tin, attended a tea party or took time out of their day to support Marie Curie. I'll never forget the care we received".
Megan was just 15 when her mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, now here she is, proud to be caring for people just like she did her mum! [ Bit.ly Link ]

My mum's hospice care has inspired me to become a nurse

"One of the most common things people ask me is - “I don’t know how you do your job, it must be so depressing!” and I explain that as a nurse, you’re in a position to help people get to the point where they’re ready to accept that they're dying, and ask what you can do once the moment comes? It’s the person’s final piece of autonomy. Once I explain that, people understand."
Here's Claire...
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"You cannot claim any of us. You do not possess the power to kill compassion, empathy, love, memories and relationships. This letter to you is my victory. It is a celebration of inner strength, love, family and not allowing you any glory in our pain."

A letter that no-one wants to have to write but has given Lisa such strength at this difficult time for her and her mum.

A Letter to My Loved One's Terminal Cancer - Lisa Sell

What does it take to be a Marie Curie nurse? Catherine has been one for 10 years! Here she is speaking to @DavinaMcCall LIVE about what it’s like and what she’s learnt – just before they head off to the Superdrug Charity event, all generously in aid of Marie Curie.
Despite having difficulty climbing his last mountain, 72 year old Ranulph Fiennes' challenge continues. And this time it's the coldest, highest, windiest and driest continent on earth!

"When I'm at the top of the mountain I think about the nurses who are up at night looking after people, making it possible for them to spend their final moments with someone who really looks after them."

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What are they most proud of? What makes them laugh more than anything? Who did they first fall in love with?
What are the questions we wished we'd asked? What could have made us feel more prepared for the loss of a loved one?

Questions to ask your parents before they die

“I am not just going to lie here and let cancer win; I am going to travel and party and love, and get the most I can out of the remainder of my life.” - What a life-changing gesture from a loving group of friends.

Terminally Ill Oxford Student Set To Travel The World After Friends Raise More Than £30,000

"Don't close yourself off, let everyone around you love you." - We ask 9 yr old Tyler what his advice would be for someone coping with loss and it was more than we could have ever expected.

Five thoughts for kids grieving like me

“People ask why I do this job, and how I cope and I just think of when I lost my mum at 21.
I love to know that I’m actually there for people because when I lost my mum, I had nobody. When you’ve been through things in your life, it makes you a stronger person. It makes you the way you are.”
"This was more than a decade ago; but I remember every moment.
I remember so much kindness, and so much love, and laughing, all of us round his bed with the sun streaming in, Dad exactly where he wanted to be, Mum by his side.
So this story is about a good death, and the lessons I learned. And all the lessons are the same lesson: be kind."

This moving piece is the winner of British Medical...
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"This story is about a good death, and the lessons I learned."

Looking back on our lives can lead us to linger on one poignant moment or period when we wish we had done things differently. But what are people really thinking about when they reach the end of their life...?

When people look back on their lives, what are common regrets they have?

"I remember a particular night when I was caring for a man who's daughter was so upset that he didn't look like himself anymore. He'd shaved every morning of his life but wasn't able to anymore. So after she left, I gave him a shave, and when she came back that morning she burst into tears! She just wanted her father to look how he always had; how he was supposed to. It was so long ago now but...
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After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, 91 year old Norma decided to embark on a 13,000 mile roadtrip around the USA. Now it's a memory that the whole family cherish - "It was a time we all thought about living, caring, loving and embracing the present moment, we've learned so much about the human spirit and the beauty of people from all over the world."