Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper's evolution on marijuana policy continues: "We didn't see a spike in teenage use. If anything, it's come down in the last year. And we're getting anecdotal reports of less drug dealers."

Colorado's Governor, Who Opposed Pot Legalization in 2012, Is Ready to Defend It
Join the organizers of The National Cannabis Festival for a Reddit AMA this Sunday at 6 pm EST.

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We're Natl Cannabis Advocates - Ask Us Anything - Reddit AMA

Add your name to this petition from Marijuana Majority urging President Trump to keep his campaign pledge to respect all state marijuana laws. If it gets 100,000 signatures, the administration has to respond.

Keep your campaign pledge to respect state marijuana legalization laws. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's comments have raised concerns about how the administration plans to enforce federal marijuana laws. While it's still unclear what they will do, it is clear that Congress needs to take action. Email your representative and encourage her or him to sponsor H.R. 975, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act.

Urge your U.S. Representative to support ending federal marijuana prohibition
MPP responds to Sean Spicer's comments at the White House today:

“The vast majority of Americans agree that the federal government has no business interfering in state marijuana laws. This administration is claiming that it values states’ rights, so we hope they will respect the rights of states to determine their own marijuana policies. It is hard to imagine why anyone would want marijuana...
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MPP Issues Statement Regarding White House Press Secretary's Comments About Federal Marijuana Enforcement - MPP
Forbes has another take on the data published by New Frontier yesterday: the marijuana industry will create more jobs than the manufacturing industry by 2020.

Marijuana Industry Projected To Create More Jobs Than Manufacturing By 2020
The latest poll released from Quinnipiac University Poll​ finds 59% support for legalization nationwide, 93% support for medical marijuana, and 71% support for federal non-interference!

2/23/2017 - QU Poll Release Detail
Predictions from New Frontier for America's legal marijuana industry have 255K new jobs being created and $24.5 billion dollars in revenue by 2024.

Report: America’s marijuana industry headed for $24 billion by 2025
Meet the canna-business industry titans this Saturday in Columbus, Ohio!

This Saturday, MPP is bringing together the industry’s top entrepreneurs to help you build your medical marijuana business in Ohio. Learn from the folks who have already created successful canna-businesses in other states. This may be your only opportunity to network in person with the industry’s top entrepreneurs....
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Ohio Canna-Business Seminar in Columbus - MPP
“I really think medical marijuana is the drug of the future." - Dr. Howard Shapiro

Can Marijuana Ease the Opioid Epidemic?
Join us this Saturday in Columbus for Ohio's canna-business seminar! Use code MPP100 at checkout to receive $100 off your ticket!

Ohio Canna-Business Seminar in Columbus - MPP
On the front page of today's Los Angeles Times:

After a wildly successful 2016 for marijuana reform, more than two dozen measures to legalize recreational marijuana for adult use have been introduced in 17 states so far in 2017.

“Voters saw through the government’s reefer madness and led the way on medical marijuana. Those laws inspired citizens in other states to demand action from their...
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Here's what's driving lawmakers working to legalize recreational pot in 17 more states
Take a few minutes today to reach out to your congressional representative and ask them to make ending federal marijuana prohibition a priority this year!

Ask your members of Congress to end federal marijuana prohibition
The latest statistics from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health show that in Colorado, adolescent marijuana use declined last year even as marijuana policy reform continued.

Teen Marijuana Use Does Not Increase Following Marijuana Policy Reforms - MPP
Today, Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO), and Don Young (R-AK) formed the Congressional Cannabis Caucus to develop and promote sensible cannabis policy reform and work to ease the tension between federal and state cannabis laws.

Nation’s Leading Cannabis and Drug Policy Reform Advocates Commend Congressional Members on Formation of Congressional Cannabis Caucus - MPP
In 15 minutes, Representatives from both parties will announce the launch of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. Click here to watch it streamed live!

Congressional Cannabis Caucus
Join us and CanopyBoulder next week for Canopy's Spring Cohort Launch Party!

Spring Launch Party & Marijuana Policy Project Fundraiser
For the latest updates and details in medical marijuana laws in each state, check out our State-By-State Medical Marijuana Laws report, updated to reflect the many law changes that happened in 2016!

State-By-State Medical Marijuana Laws - MPP
Last week, U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) reintroduced legislation that would end federal marijuana prohibition. Please email your U.S. Representative and ask them to sign on to this bill, or thank them for doing so if they already have.

Urge your U.S. Representative to support ending federal marijuana prohibition