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My 2 gorgeous russian blue british shorthair kitties. Mavis + Jupiter!
Khoe với cả nhà ảnh Lyly cùng đồng bọn trên chai Coca-Cola này ❤ Ảnh chụp lúc đi du lịch sang Mỹ nên được in hẳn lên chai Phượt Thủ cho hợp không khí luôn hehe
Bạn nào muốn sở hữu 1 em Coca-Cola kute như Ly thì tham gia tại đây nha: [ Coca-cola.vn Link ]
Hellooooo New York! You're hot + sweaty and I love you. I'm here for a few days to drink martinis + support gay pride. I'll be doing a special free show for diamonds at 837 NYC tonight.
My Live from the Artists Den premiers in the US this week...
Watch an exclusive preview over on The Daily Beast

Artists Den: Marina & the Diamonds

Goodbye, FROOT!
Pick your final FROOT… The full range of Neon Nature merchandise is now on sale for 7 days.

[ Smarturl.it Link ]
FAQin Hell begins today at 4pm.
⭐ Neon Nature Tour Look Book ⭐ [ Tumblr.com Link ]

Thank you so much to costume designers Paula Knorr (The Family Jewels), AustinLouisPerry (Electra Heart), Michael Costello, Burnt Soul Clothing + Celia Kritharioti (FROOT), Piers Atkinson for your wonderful headpieces and to Malone Souliers and Kat Maconie for their absolutely painless heels.
The last FROOT show in Chile with my brilliant band. It's been a whirlwind.
I LOVE Buenos Aires. I could spend a long time here.
Buenos Aires, I was so AWESTRUCK by last night's show + audience I don't even know what to say! The perfect finish to Neon Nature. X @mikipaula
Thank you to my Greek sister Celia Kritharioti for creating this killer outfit.