The Battle of Iwo Jima began on the morning of Feb. 19, 1945, and by the time the island was declared secure, over 28,000 men had died or were wounded in action, making it one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. Marines captured 216 Japanese soldiers; the rest were killed in action. 27 Medals of Honor were awarded for action on Iwo Jima—more than any other battle in U.S. history. We remember and...
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To celebrate Black History Month, we are featuring today's Marines who are carrying on the legacy of Montford Point Marines.

Sergeant Major Robin C. Fortner enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1990. From serving as a Warehouse Chief to Primary Marksmanship Instructor, she has excelled in every challenge and opportunity the Marine Corps has given her. "I enjoy teaching, I enjoy mentoring, I enjoy...
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Happy President's Day, Marines. From the sands of Iraq and Iwo to the White House, Marines serve our Commander in Chief.
Today is the anniversary of the landing of the Battle of Iwo Jima, 19 Feb 1945. Marines eventually captured the island of Iwo Jima during World War II. [ Link ]

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Battle of Iwo Jima

LtGen Lawrence Snowden, USMC (Ret), has died at the age of 95. Fair winds and Following Seas Marine! [ Link ]
We are your resource to help plan all promotions and other ceremonies in your Marine Corps career. [ Link ]
Semper Fidelis is more than a motto for LtCol McConnell – she lives its spirit every day, and her support to the Marine Corps Association & Foundation is just one way she continues to give back to the Corps which has given her so much. Read her Donor Spotlight here: [ Link ]
To celebrate Black History Month, we are featuring today's Marines who are carrying on the legacy of Montford Point Marines.

LtGen Vincent R. Stewart is the first Marine Corps director to lead the Defense Intelligence Agency. LtGen Stewart was born in Jamaica and moved to America at the age of 13. He joined the Marine Corps after graduating from Western Illinois University and rose through...
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Today in #corpshistory: 1944 - Tactical Group One, including the 22d Marine Regiment, assaulted Eniwetok, Marshall Islands. [ Link ]
The Leatherneck Writing Contest is open to all enlisted Marines! Write about current events or history of the Corps for your chance to win prize money and be published in the Magazine of Marines. More information here: [ Link ]
From 1968 to 2017, Marines remain the same breed. "Old breed? New breed? There's not a damn bit of difference so long as it's the Marine breed.” LtGen Lewis B. 'Chesty' Puller

From the shores of Norway to the sunny, tropical scenes of Morocco, 2d MEB demonstrated II MEF’s unique capabilities to the Marine Corps and two geographic combatant commands through execution of eight mission rehearsals and one operation. Serving as the core of a MAGTF or JTF, 2d MEB showcased the ability to understand the mission, form a team, and execute complex operations. Read more about...
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Marines, what is your reason?
14 February 1979 is a Valentine's Day Sgt Kenneth L. Kraus will never forget. [ Link ]
Capt Robert Stout, a pilot with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 462 [HMH-462] based at Phu Bai, reading Valentine's Day cards he received, in 1969. Happy Valentine's Day, Marines.
"And I knew right away...I didn’t care how brave their boys were. I didn’t care how many guns they had...Based on all that reading the Marine Corps had required at each rank, I could see exactly how to take this enemy down." - Gen James Mattis, USMC (Ret). Learn more about our Commanders' Unit Library Program to see how you can continue your professional education. [ Link ]
Happy Marine Monday! #MondayMotivation #MotivationMonday
Today in #corpshistory: 1943 - The U.S. Marine Corps Women’s Reserve was formed. [ Link ]
“I guess he doesn’t have an inside voice.” #LeatherneckLaffs [ Link ]
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