Do you have a question for on what life is like as a Marine? Ask LCpl Rhodes, and he'll answer your questions from 1-3PM ET.
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Marines spar during a martial arts instructor course in Romania as a part of The Black Sea Rotational Force. This deployment is designed to promote regional stability and establish lasting relationships with partner nations in the region.
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Marine aircrew repair and maintain Marine planes and helicopters. Learn more about enlisted opportunities in aviation when you talk to a recruiter.
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Circa 1943, from the collection of Joseph H. Carpenter, United States Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections, candidates at Montford Point, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, immediately begin in-processing procedures upon arrival to the base.
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Do you have questions about the Marine Corps Musician Enlistment Option Program (MEOP) or just about being a Marine? Join us on Instagram and MSgt Rulapaugh of the United States Marine Corps will answer them in our Ask A Marine chat from 1-3pm EST.
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Marine Corps Recruiting
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Being able to find calm and certainty under extreme pressure is all part of making the transformation into a Marine.
Recent graduates of Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego see their families for the first time since beginning their journey to become a Marine.

Sound off, Marines. What do you remember about your graduation?
This weekend, Marines are supporting the #WCWANationals in Oklahoma City. Over two days, female wrestling athletes will be tested to determine who will win a national title. Through discipline and intensity these athletes, like Marines, will push through the challenge with the fight to win.
In the air, on land, and at sea, Marines stay ready to win our nation's battles.

Learn how Marine pilots support other Marines on the ground and find out what it takes when you talk to a recruiter.
"Soon after arriving here in the Drum and Bugle Corps, we were doing a performance in the Midwest. I was a percussionist marching in the front line, and there was a young African-American boy looking at me as I was marching. And just the look on his face told me that I had a different responsibility at that point. And I have been cognizant of that ever since." —MGySgt Kevin Buckles, Senior...
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At 12 weeks, Marines undergo the longest period of recruit training, and perfect scores are hard-earned. Pvt Lupita Rodriguez of Elkhart, IN, earned Oscar company's highest physical fitness and combat fitness score, 600 out of 600 points.
Candidates with Delta Company stand at attention during their close-order drill practice at Officer Candidates School, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. Close-order drill is one of the key elements to teaching candidates teamwork and discipline.
Some Marines serve on four legs, not two.

Learn how military working dogs partner with their Marines to help our country win battles.
Marines fight day and night for the strength and betterment of us all.
LCpl Isaiah Brown from Fresno, California, stands at parade rest before graduating from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. Graduation is the culmination of 12 intense weeks of training.
“The best thing to do with an idea is to just start doing it.” —Cpl Ricki D. Clement, Micro/Miniature Repairman.

A new cable repair innovation has the potential to help Marines win battles. Watch the interview with the Marine behind the idea:

Experimental Innovation | Houston Marine to Save the Corps $15 Million

Cpl. Ricki D. Clement reverse-engineered an outdated cord, originally meant to connect radios to vehicles, and attached it to a radio tester unit for a radio...

John Besh has served our country twice. First, as a Marine Officer. Second, as a chef committed to his community.