As warfare takes on new meaning, Marines prepare. More than 3,000 Marines, sailors and civilians took part in the largest cyber exercise ever conducted by the Marine Corps.

“What we’re working on here is a horse of a different color.” —Gen David Coffman

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Marine Corps conducts cyber warfare exercises

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar is part of one of the largest cyber warfare exercises in Marine Corp history, which is going on right now. KPBS’...

Marine Corps Recruiting
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When you’re a Marine, you don’t quit. The expectation to push beyond personal limits is set the moment a recruit steps off the bus at recruit training and continues for the rest of their life as a Marine.
Marine Corps Recruiting
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The Marine Corps maintains technological innovation not only for battles on land, air and sea, but also in cyberspace.

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Marine Corps cyber acquisition just got faster
"I should do something. I must do something. I had not felt such a compulsion since waking up nearly ten years earlier on September 11, 2001." —Jake Wood, Marine Veteran

Jake Wood reflects on the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 and how it prompted him to recommit to service and co-found Team Rubicon.

Seven Years Ago
Marines in Lancaster, PA, attended a @USWFoundation #EveryoneWrestles Victory Tour event on Friday, Jan. 9th, with Olympic and wrestling athletes. The event helped establish no-cost wrestling programs for students in the area. The incredible degree of physical and mental adversity that a wrestler faces is unlike any other in competition, but is not unfamiliar to Marines.
Marines, Sailors, family and friends gathered to witness the retirement ceremony of MSgt. Cherelle Peters-Williams after 27 years in the Marine Corps. She was deployed to the Middle East, relocated overseas to Japan, and conducted humanitarian efforts in Cuba. Peters-Williams made history by training female Marines in the first integrated Marine Combat Training.

Lady Leatherneck: The Journey of Master Sgt. Cherelle Peters-Williams
Though they are few, Marines fight for something more.
A rifleman, a machine gunner and a mortar Marine are among the first women to hold combat roles in the Marine Corps. Today, these Marines join their unit at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.
Interested in learning more about what it takes to serve as an Infantry Marine? Visit [ Link ].

Marine Corps Infantry
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Discipline. Endurance. Bearing.

Over 12 weeks, you will find within the leadership traits that were always there.
"We don’t quit. We don‘t stop until the job is done. That’s the spirit of the fight we have inside ourselves, to make sure we see things through to the end." —Capt Kenneth Johnson

Do you have the fighting spirit within? Tell a Marine Corps Recruiter.
From the first day of training to the final hours of the Crucible, Marine Corps Recruits are trained to adapt and overcome any challenge before them.
You will be tested. Your will to go on will be challenged. Do you have the fighting spirit to overcome?
Drillmasters assess recruits in their final close-order drill evaluation. This is one of the cornerstone Marine Corps traditions that reinforce uniformity, discipline, confidence and pride.
No need to make New Year's resolutions when you're elite all year around.
“It’s much bigger than you putting stars on your collar.” —MajGen Craig Crenshaw
How will becoming a Marine affect your family? Hear candid conversations from parents.

Marines, how did you talk to your families about your decision to serve?

Your Role
A young man or woman's decision to become a Marine will have a profound impact on their family and friends. Hear candid conversations from parents about their children's decision to serve.

Your Role
Every Marine a rifleman.

Sgt Margarita B. Valenzuela demonstrates engagement of known-distance targets in the standing position.