Marine Corps Recruiting
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The Marine Corps is proud to sponsor the USA Wrestling Girls Folkstyle Nationals this weekend in Oklahoma City. The event kicked off with a colors ceremony, as well as the singing of the national anthem by Marine Captain Skye Martin. Marines were also on hand to conduct the chin up challenge.
Marine Corps Recruiting
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The mission of reconnaissance Marines is to get in and out of enemy territory as quickly as possible. No matter the year, this doesn’t change.
Marine Corps Recruiting
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When you’re a Marine, mental decisions must be made before actions are taken. The ability to adapt quickly and act is just one thing that sets Marines apart.
Marine Corps Recruiting
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Meet the Marines of the Crash Fire Rescue teams. These Marines are trained to stabilize crash sites and rescue personnel in emergency situations.
Marine Corps Recruiting
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Athletes attending the UWW Development Camp in Oklahoma City had the chance to participate in drills and workouts with 2ndLt Rasche and Sgt Wilson from the All-Marine Wrestling Team team on Tuesday. The camp will help many of the athletes prepare for the USAW Girls Folkstyle Nationals taking place later this week and gave attendees a chance to learn more about the fighting spirit Marines, and...
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The bond between Marines remains unbreakable no matter the year.
PFC Caitlyn A. Salazar is presented with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor during an emblem ceremony prior to her graduation from Marine Corps Recruit Training. The ceremony signifies the transformation from recruit to Marine after 12 weeks of rigorous, transformative training.
Marines fight and win our nation's battles to protect our freedoms. Do you have what it takes?
Whether it’s against threats facing our country or issues within our communities, Marines never stop winning battles. Do you have what it takes?
Marines fight and win our nation’s battles to protect our freedoms. Do you have what it takes?
We make Marines—who conquer internal fears and limitations to become something much greater. Do you have what it takes?
Every Marine is a rifleman. Only the best marksmen can become Marine Scout Snipers.
Private First Class Jamarion Simmons a Houston, TX native, stands at attention prior to graduating from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.
Understanding each other can only happen when we can communicate together, so learning languages is an important aspect of deployment. Here, Marines practice their reading, writing and speaking of basic Japanese words and phrases with Sueyoshi, a library technician and instructor in Okinawa.
Marines know that they can push beyond their limits because they have done so time and time again.
See how more than 500 United States Marine Corps enlistees and their family and friends converged in Phoenix for the 2017 Marine Corps Recruiting Station Phoenix poolee function. The purpose of the event is to screen and physically test the applicants and give them a preview of what they may be able to expect at Marine Corps recruit training.
(U.S. Marine Corps multimedia by SSgt Tyler J. Bolken)
Marines take an oath to protect our Nation's Constitution from all enemies.
“Our Corps does not care where you come from, whether you’re rich or poor, whether you’re man or woman, what your sexual preference may be. Only that you have the discipline, drive and commitment to be a U.S. Marine" —Gen Robert B. Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps
When asked about why he joined the Marines, Rct Matthias Banks of Richmond, VA, said, “I came to recruit training to build a better life for myself and gain the strength and discipline I saw Marines carry,” echoing a sentiment many can identify with.