March 24-26th - Members of the Marine Military Academy Boy Scout Troop 22 camped this past weekend at Camp Perry, the local Rio Grande Valley Boy Scout reservation. Weather forecast looked very promising, and a large group of Scout participated (23). The main feature this trip was earning the Swimming Merit Badge for several boys.

The boys loaded-up late Friday afternoon and departed campus....
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Perfect morning for some motivating MMA Key Club community service! Today 13 members of the club participated in a good spring cleaning of the Harlingen City Cemetery. The following members participated: Denys Chepulskyy, Rui Zhang, Joshua Lewis, Anthony Wulfkuhle, Giancarlo Betti, Paiwan Wang, Charles Bass, Francisco Oliveros, Ryan Rakowitz, Trevor Roberts, Kenneth Vincent, Tyler Zhou, and...
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The Marine Military Academy National Honor Society hosted a blood drive with United Blood Services March 22.
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National Honor Society Blood Drive
Come on out and support the blood drive this afternoon. If our cadets and staff can get behind this effort, so can you!
What do parents say about MMA's Summer Camp?
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SUMMER CAMP 2017... Let's have some FUN!!!

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Did you know Marine Military Academy has an open house? Meet the MMA Leatherneck family on April 28!
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MMA Open House
Men's Morning Adventure (MMA@MMA) is coming up!

Zipline, rappel and tour the Iwo Jima Monument on Saturday, April 1 from 9 to noon. It is open to all males ages 12 and up. RSVP today for this FREE event at (956) 421-9225 or email

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The Cadets of the Month for February 2017 are: junior Jadyn Dusbabek of Peoria, Ariz., for Alpha Company; sophomore Santiago Martinez Alfaro of Mexico City for Delta Company; senior Aram Gerahian of St. Pete Beach, Fla., for Echo Company; junior Maxim Pepper of Austin, Texas, for Fox Company; sophomore John Paul Boerschig II of Washington, Texas, for Golf Company; junior Charles Bass of...
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Cadets in the photography arts class learned to be creative using light, shadows, and reflections. These photos represent their understanding of the class quarter final project. Great job cadets - Allen D. Aleshire, Instructor
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Cadets in the cinematography arts class developed their passion stories and then got to work producing a video that helped tell the story. Cadets Pelayo Martinez and Paiwen Wang produced this story about how MMA helps every cadet get into the college of their choice and apply for scholarships. They were very excited about how the entire team of faculty, staff, and military all come together to...
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