Talk about aiming high... Check out the latest challenge I had to go through????⚽ PUMA Football #PlayLOUD
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Coming soon. ⚽ PUMA Footballl #PlayLOUD
Coming soon  PUMA Footballl PlayLOUD
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And we have a winner!!! Congratulations to Nico. After reviewing all the Storyos I finally decided who stepped best into my shoes and told the most creative #mariostoryo. Thank you all for the amazing effort.
And we have a winner Congratulations to Nico After reviewing all the

Instagram video by Nico • Nov 28, 2016 at 1:20pm UTC
Neil Scaturchio
Thierry Klin
Paolo Shane Mancini
Guys you still have 1 week to enter your Mario Storyos and WIN my PUMA Football game boots! 1 - download the app on the link below 2 - built your Balotelli Storyo 3 - Post it on your wall with the #mariostoryo hashtag.

START HERE >>> [ Link ]

Good Luck!!!
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