Thanks to these two legends got a park
Don't know what fight those commentators was watching they are total idiots who hires these bumsgood job izzy u won u should of knocked out them stupid comentaters
a new type of walk off KO lol
Revolution massage and beauty bundall great massage thanks Joel
Morning set Heartbreak Conditioning
check out the delayed reaction body shots
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lol big mikes bodyguard has been talkin. wat a crack up not sure i believe it bahahha ????????

The Incredible Number Of Women Mike Tyson Was Banging Per Day Has Been Revealed
who u got lol
@alistairovereem jus finished my testing have they been testing u
Didn't think I would like country music but this song is good way to wake up now all I got to do is ✈
22 secs until video finish is the problem
Know my story... #BornToFight #NextChapterComingSoon...
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leg kick result
There is a war raging on the fanpage Meanwhile over in the gold coast