Markandey Katju
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Markandey Katju
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அமெரிக்கா தமிழர்கள் சார்பாக சாக்ரமெண்டோ , டல்லாஸ் , அட்லாண்டா நகரங்களில் நடத்தப்படும் விழாவிற்கு நான் செல்ல உள்ளேன் . நான் அங்கு தமிழக விவசாயிகள் எதிர்நோக்கும் இன்னல்கள் பற்றியும் பேச உள்ளேன் .
" நானும் ஒரு தமிழன் "

I will be participating in the functions organized by Tamil community in Sacramento , Dallas, Atlanta . I will be talking about the issues faced by Farmers .
" Naanum Oru...
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Markandey Katju
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I look Forward to meet our Dallas Friends on April 1st.
Markandey Katju
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I look forward to meet our Dallas friends on April 1st.
[ Link ]
Markandey Katju
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Speaking in Atlanta on morning of 2nd April.
I will be speaking in another function in Atlanta later the same day
Markandey Katju
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Markandey Katju
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Markandey Katju
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Where is the Walter Cronkite in the Indian media today ?

Walter Cronkite ( 1916-2009 ) was an American journalist who covered World War 2, the Nuremburg trials, the Vietnam War, Watergate, etc. He was one of the truly great journalists of the 20th century, about whom it was said, after an opinion poll, that he was ' the most trusted man in America '

Cronkite was the anchor for CBS Evening...
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Report from Vietnam (1968)

Markandey Katju
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Achche din=Tamilnadu farmers suicides
Hari Om
Hari Om
Job creation in last 6 years in the organized sector of Indian economy.
1 crore youth are coming into the job market in India every year. In 2016 only 1.4 lac jobs were created
This is an email I received just now from an NRI living in Atlanta, USA. He has permitted me to publish it.

Vikas Rattan Goyal
To Today at 12:53

Dear Sir

I am Vikas, IT consultant from Atlanta. My opinion on EVM controversy.

[ Link ]

You may share it if you think this idea will help to settle the dust of controversy .

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Easy Solution to Resolve EVM Controversy - For Now! By Vikas Rattan Goyal

Link To supreme court judgement in 2012 to include VVPAT Voting is key ingredient of Democracy and Every ...

Details of the programme at Atlanta on April 2, 2017, where I will be speaking on the topic "Indian Subcontinent: Challenges and the Future".
Registration and refreshments are free.
For details please contact or
Pictures from the Holi event that we all celebrated at Shaista And Syed Ali's residence at California, which was attended by about 50 people from different diversities.
Registration for this event in Atlanta on 2nd April is free. Refreshments will also be served free.
I propose to announce the creation of the IPBRA ( Indo-Pakistan-Bangladesh Reunification under a secular government Association ) in this function. We are really one nation, and were one since Mughal times. The Partition of India in 1947 on the basis of the bogus two nation theory was a...
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There may be some honest politicians, but they are rare exceptions