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Celebrate. All corruption and black money has ended
Since most of the world eats beef, according to Raj Nath Singh they are all murderers, as cows and humans are not different
Hari Om
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India's Home Minister claims that humans and cattle have similar genes

There can be be no doubt that the Bhopal 'encounter' was fake. There is overwhelming evidence to establish this.The probe should only be to determine who all ordered it, and who all executed it. They should be chargesheeted, and if found guilty by the Court, sentenced to death as held by the Supreme Court in Prakash Kadam vs. Ramprasad Vishwanath Gupta ( see online )
It was a fake encounter, judicial probe should be on the question who ordered and executed it: Justice Katju
Police does vasooli, takes hafta, torture and is involved in custodial deaths too: @mkatju
Link of the panel discussion on IBN7 on the relationship between the judiciary and the executive

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An open letter to Mulayam Singh Yadav
( to be delivered to him and Akhilesh by anyone reading this post )

Dear, Mulayam Singhji,
You had built up the Samajwadi Party, and are its Bheeshma Pitamah.
But now you are 77 years old. Our shastras say that when a man crosses 75 he should take sanyas. So it is time you gracefully take sanyas from politics.
You have a fine son Akhilesh, who is highly...
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Pandavs, Dhrusthara and Gandhari and Kunti all reach the battle field where hundreds of dead bodies are lying and women crying over their husbands. Gandhari ...

Physician, heal thyself
( Cartoon sent by Gangadhar Kocherla )
Since a Vietnam War type situation is developing in Kashmir, and may also spread in other parts of India ( egged on by the valiant efforts of Lord Haw Haw and the other heroes in our TRP driven media ), I thought of providing some Vietnam war music to console our brave soldiers who are being made a 'bali ka bakra ' ( like the American soldiers in Vietnam ) by our crooked netas who only have an...
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Paint it Black - Vietnam War

Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones, accompanied by footage of the Vietnam War. (The link to the side describing it as a Beastie Boys Song is WRONG, YouTube...

I used to often sing this captivating Tamil song when I was in Annamalai University almost half a century ago, without understanding a word of it

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Muththukkalo Kangal, Kovai Murali and Deepakshika.MPG

A good team work from Musicians. Kudos to KalaignarTV.

Maharashtra CM Fadnavis should be sacked. His conduct was disgraceful