Hey friends! It's been a while.

Sorry we've been so quiet lately. Since Marketing was acquired by Brunico Communications in November, we've been busy getting to know our new crew and planning how to move forward in 2017. Now, a few of those plans are starting to come to fruition.

The full run-down is at the link below, but here's the TL;DR...

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A note to our readers

As we head into the holiday season, consumers aren't feeling confident enough to purchase big-ticket items

Consumer confidence posts big drop in October

45% of Black Friday shoppers will consult a flyer prior to shopping

Flyers to play a key role in Black Friday shopping (Study)

Cuts represent 8% of the Montreal company's workforce

Quebecor cutting 220 staff, closing titles

Newspaper and digital media company posts $1.5 million Q4 profit

Torstar reports profit helped by printing plant sale

Sears teamed up with Just For Laughs for its new campaign

Sears Canada lightens up in fall campaign

“The difference between the successful merchants and the ones that don’t become successful is the successful merchants try new things"

Shopify strengthens its analytics offering

South St. Burger has nothing against pizza...except that it does

South St. Burger targets dinner crowd with saucy campaign

Did ad blocking become “over-dramatized?”

Ad Block Digest: New Netflix campaign reaches out

“Facebook is clearly getting close to monetizing Messenger and WhatsApp"

Mobile driving Facebook revenue: eMarketer

Creative agency now counts Upper Canada Mall and Country Harvest among its clients

Union marks anniversary with two account wins

"We cannot look at the data and say creativity is secondary.”

Spotify CMO Seth Farbman finds inspiration in your playlists

"You have to find the time where possible to make sure you bring that spotlight to people who don’t normally get the opportunities that the average person does"

Kia’s COO stars in an ad to drive home an important message

What a WONDER-ful day for Rethink

Rethink wins Wonder

Perfect timing! A new horror streaming service by AMC is launching in Canada

Specialty streaming service Shudder launches in Canada