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The artist Vincent Bal turns the shadows of everyday objects into ingenious illustrations...
Marketers for dummies..
Funniest reactions to the exploding Samsung Note 7 !
This Ad done by Norwegian airlines is simply GENIUS !
So guys what do you think of this colour for a nice weekend?
Nokia phones as shields and samsung phones as grenades !
Far all the Fashion lovers out there, you are welcome to join this new amazing page..
Tips and tricks for the modern gentleman :D

The Gentleman

Do you know the difference between a leader and a boss ?
Singapore's Joseph Isaac Schooling meeting Michael Phelps in 2008 & Schooling beating Phelps for gold last night..
Be so good, they can't ignore you !
When you long for life without difficulties, remind yourself that diamonds are made under the weight of mountains !
The #PokemonGo fever !
Absolutely !
Follow your dreams guys !
If you can't seduce a lady then go to the next level !
This kind of Ads never die !
A woman invented this because she's tired of cleaning the sink.
Need is the mother of invention
surround yourself with People who push you Who challenge you Who make you BETTER !
Make unforgettable memories
Cheers to those who build themselves up from scratch !