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Luck is in your market this St. Patrick's Day! Decorate for the occasion and feel the luck in you!

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Your market loves you! Click to claim your reward and start the new day with a smile on your face >> [ Link ]
Ahoy ahoy! Will you join in with this new adventure under the sea? It's full of magical creatures, wonders, and well... some pirate talk! Complete the serial quest to unlock an animated fancy aquarium in your store!

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It's time to travel through the past decades! Get your new retro items in the market and start the journey!

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Click to claim your reward and start the new lunar year with some luck and prosperity >> [ Link ]
Love is in the air already! Adorn your market with romantic items this Valentine's Day, and spread the love <3

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Unleash your market power! Add a different and fun edge to your market with colourful new items!

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To celebrate the joy of new year, we are giving you presents!

Click and claim yours! [ Link ]
Why don't you turn your market into a cozy nook during winter? Celebrate the magic of icy winter with new items in your warm shop!

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Hi bosses! Gamegos is recruiting testers for the newest Pet game!
You can send Rebecca Brown a direct message for application!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's finally that time of the year! Decorate your market with luxurious Christmas items!

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Let's play Dreidel together! Click to claim free cash for Hanukkah!

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Boss, time to stock up! Customers will be visiting your market for Hanukkah preparations!

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GET READY FOR HANUKKAH! Celebrate the festival of lights with new decorations! Let's create a corner for Hanukkah!

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy your time with your beloved family and friends at Thanksgiving feast table!

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How are the sales, bosses? Have you created a little farm in your market? Let's sell some organic products!

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THANKSGIVING AT THE FARM! Harvest time and Thanksgiving go hand in hand. Better celebrate them both at a farm, close to the nature!

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Chefs are building their cafes in Caféland - World Kitchen. What about you? Hurry up & play:

Android: [ Link ]
IOS: [ Link ]
(Available only in Canada and more)