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Just noticed we hit 5 MILLION FOLLOWERS on Instagram! Thank you all so much but I know you're all really here for Chica :P
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I make some fanart for some of my favorite channels! I'm always happy to get fanart from you guys but I realized that I've never taken the time to make some myself. So here is my non-artistic attempt at fanart!

[ Link ]

Markiplier Makes Fanart

So many people have made me fanart over the years that I decided it was time to make some of my own! It's safe to say that your work puts mine to shame... Su...

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sah dude
I've got a really special video for you today! It's the sequel to Markiplier's Adventures which brings an emotional story to the mix! Thank you all so much for being with me through the years! I can't wait to make many more memories in the years to come!

[ Link ]

TEARS OF JOY | Markiplier's Adventures 2

I love this game! It's such a delight to play and goes over some really great memories from years past. I'm honored that the developer took to the time to cr...

7/365 Hours of Exercise Complete! ONE FULL WEEK! And thus ends the daily updates on my current level of sweatiness. I'm still going to be exercising everyday, first thing in the morning, but I'll spare you the daily dose of gross. But keeping a resolution is less about motivation and infinitely more about discipline. Keep the routine of self-improvement going, day after day without compromise...
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Injustice has won today... once again our VOTER RIGHTS have been trampled upon. This poster decided to FORGO AN 8-2 VICTORY FOR ETHAN in favor of their personal bias of "Phil". Well today it's not just Phil's pants that are on fire... today #IStandWithEthan and I demand a RECOUNT!!
My baby
2/365 Hours of Exercise complete
If anyone has Duolingo and would like to join me for a year of learning German, join my club! Only a limited number of spots but I'm looking for people who are really serious about committing for a year of daily learning!

1/365 Hours of Exercise Complete
Still not used to waking up to this!
Cropped out the bulge this time. You're welcome.
Hello Everybody
Welcome to DragonVale! Bob and Wade join me on an adventure to learn what frienship is all about. AND thanks to this video I donated $10,000 to Toys for Tots which was the latest charity we raised money for! Hope you all enojoy and you can download the game HERE: [ Link ] #DragonVale #AD DragonVale

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Get DragonVale for FREE ► DONATION CONFIRMATION ► This is an Ad for Backflip Studios Bob ► https://www.y...

Gettin' pretty again!

It's time for the Shockingly Sour Challenge which is something that we made up because he hate ourselves. We attach muscle stimulators to our arms and eat increasingly sour candys, culminating in a way to many warheads being eaten. BIG WARNING... this video gets rough...

[ Link ]


VIEWER BEWARE!! This video is a harrowing experience. We throw down the gauntlet of pain by slapping muscle stimulators on our body and slamming down warhead...