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Learn from the pros the best way to set the spread and fight the fish.

Lure Fishing for Blues: More Than "Drag and Snag"
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Save these helpful sites when planning your next trip.

Keep the Weather in Mind
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This boat can do a lot of things — and all of them well.

Spencer 70 Review
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Five years ago, two anglers set out to accomplish the near-impossible. And they did it!

Reliving the Record-Setting Royal Billfish Slam
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The 67-foot sport-fisher gets closer to completion with each photo.

New Update on the Privateer
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Learn how you and your crew can thrive on the water.

What Makes a Great Tournament Team
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He's proof it's never too late for you to accomplish anything.

89-Year-Old Angler Hits Milestone
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You have everything you need to create custom charts from your offshore trips.

Make Your Own Bathymetric Charts
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Find out what goes into making Seakeeper’s popular gyros.

Seakeeper's Gyro Revolution
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These waters consistently producebig blue marlin.

Fantastic Fishing of Papa New Guinea
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You can find bragging-rights bluefin tuna here in March and April.

Giant Bluefin in La Gomera
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See the amazing jumps, beautiful scenery and fun times had at this year's event.

On the Docks at the Quepos Cup
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If you miss the first bite, all is not lost.

Second Attempt: Hooking Billfish After a Miss
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There's no reason to fear digital technology on your boat.

Why More Boats Use a Digital Switching System
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Learn everything that goes into the planning of a blue marlin tagging project.

Satellite Tagging Blue Marlin: Behind the Scenes
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Which connection is your go-to?

Various Circle Hook Connections
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Having a broker by your side during the boat-buying process can alleviate some of the uncertainties.

Broker or Broke?
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“At the helm is a display that represents your vessel in a circle of LEDs. When a call comes in, the LEDs on the instrument between your vessel and the call source light up.”

Can you Keep Secrets when Technology is Around?
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We're itching to hook a marlin from this cockpit. Which feature inspires you most?

Hatteras GT70 - 360-degree tour