If youā€™re still on the hunt for the perfect gift and socks are now looking like a good idea, stop the awkward smile of thanks this Christmas and help make a difference to communities in need. To find out how baby goat Marmite is doing it, check out the article below or click on the following link to donate. #Heart4Marmite [ Worldvision.org.nz Link ]

Giving opportunity sure beats giving socks

We can't stop boppinā€™ to this beat so we just had to share it! Well done Alana McDonald for creating this musical masterpiece. #TheSoundOfKiwiana
Need mo inspiration? Keep it fresh with these knock out Marmiteā„¢ mo's. Perfectly groomed to make a mitey impression Show us which one tickles your fancy. #SPREADthemo #Marmitenz #Movember
Here's some of our mo bro's and sisters who have SPREAD the mo and scored themselves a Limited Edition Marmiteā„¢ t-shirt. If you want to get your hands on one, send us a pic of your Marmiteā„¢ mo and you'll go in the draw to WIN one of your very own. So who's up for it? Winners announced 29th November. #SPREADthemo #MarmiteNZ #Movember
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It's Movember and we are calling fellow Marmates to SPREAD the mo for the month of November. We nominate Marmates Megan Alatiniā€‹ and Pita Alatiniā€‹ to join our team and SPREAD their Marmiteā„¢ mo. Lets help raise funds for the Movember Foundation New Zealand and have some fun. #SPREADthemo #Movember
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We nominate you to... SPREAD THE MO!

It's on like donkey kong! Join our team and SPREAD the mo in support of the Movember Foundation New Zealand and mens health! Click on the link below to donate or tag a mate who you'd like to SPREAD the mo with. Together, lets raise funds and help stop men in New Zealand dying too young! bit.ly/SPREADthemo
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Marmates, Mo-brothers, Mo-Sisters, young and old from around the globe! Whether you can grow a mo, a fro or justā€¦ well if you can't grow anything! We challenge you to join our team and SPREAD the mo for the month of November. Who's up for the Challenge? bit.ly/SPREADthemo #SPREADthemo #Movember #Marmitenz
The challenge is on Marmates! Comment below with a photo of your favourite Marmiteā„¢ meal made just how you like it, and you could become our next Marmate of the month and score yourself a hamper packed with Marmiteā„¢ goodies! Winner announced 20 October #MarmiteNZ
There are moments when citizens look around and donā€™t recognize their country. Thatā€™s the feeling many Colombians had after voters rejected a peace deal last Sunday.

"Most of all, Iā€™m sorry that Iā€™m not really sorry." (From August, but not past its expiration date.)

A lifetimeā€™s commitment to solving problems in the real world qualifies Hillary Clinton for this job, and the country should put her to work.

ā€œHe name-dropped continuously...when he wasnā€™t groping me.ā€ A former Donald Trump business partner recounts how he tried to force himself on her ā€“ once, in Ivanka's bedroom.