SET LIST!!! It's complete, rehearsals are right around the corner!!! I'm excited to perform songs that you know and some songs that you will be introduced to!!! I'm so excited to get to YOUR city with Eric Benet!!! The M.E Tour SEE YOU SOON!!! *if you don't have tix, GET SOME!!! V.I.P Packages available HERE [ Link ]
My cousin in Liverpool is giving back!!! so proud of you!!!! #FVCKCANCER
"... you gonna sleep on the couch
Talkin that sh*t outcho mouf...
See all a dis you can't touch
I know that you wanna fuhhhhh....
Betta get you a baby sitter ????‍♀
Aunty Solangé! Where is ya moms?!
I have got to handle me some bidness
Now he wanna talk, he wanna make up
And after we fight... he wanna love me betta...
Mo betta mo betta
We so damn imperfect together ‍⚖
No matter what we...
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Don't Wake the Baby - Single
Motherhood is such a beautiful experience. EVERYTHING! From making the baby, nurturing and caring for the growing life inside to holding them in your arms! My baby #NYLA came at the right time... her father @dezsofly came at the right time lol PERFECTION!!! Through the ups and downs, no matter what, we're staying forever... With a double breast pump bra on and giant panties I've never felt...
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THE M.E TOUR V.I.P Meet & Greet Includes hanging out with me prior to the show, EXCLUSIVE MERCHANDISE & more CLICK
I am STILL CRYING LAUGHING!!! FUNNY AF @dezsofly SIS @calibreezy328 smh????‍♀
"The M.E Tour" with myself and the extraordinary @ericbenet
Check the Dates Venues and Cities and GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!

Oakland! ☕
#DONTWAKETHEBABY I just changed her, she just ate, she's finally settled and I KNOW she just boo boo'd
My beautiful brave cousin @makeup_by_natalie_rachelle "...As a cancer survivor of 8 years
I know how it feels during chemotherapy to feel wiped out and ugly!!
Pic number 1 is just before diagnosis, pic 2 is after my first chemo,
pic 3 halfway though my chemo and pic 4 is now!
So I'm now ready to give back!!
I'm a fully qualified makeup artist and
I will give up to 3 full face and lash...
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GET "Fit In 5" for 2017 & beyond! I am SO EXCITED for my brother @marvinambrosius and the launch of his Sky TV Show "Fit In 5" it is available to all sky subscribers via on demand, Sky Go and @nowtv check out episodes with @msmelaniesykes & @gallacherkirsty Follow @fitfreakstv
2017 #NYLA Thank you yesterday... all of them!!! Every last one of them mattered for our right now! I know what I did! What everybody else did and didn't do contributed to right now!!! Continue to be who you are for everybody! With love
Pump p p pump pump p p p...
had to repost... via @harlemhottie real tears 2016... loss of legends!!! A LOT!!!
We wish you a Merry Christmas...