Martin Lawrence
03/24/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Martin Lawrence
03/23/2017 at 16:10. Facebook
When your day go from sugar to shit real quick

15 People Whose Day Took A Turn
I hate that shit
Ain't gone be too long before they tryina slip him the $5 footlong

Subway's Jared Fogle Gets Pummeled in Prison, Attacker Has No Regrets
End the week with some positive energy ya'll
Steve Harvey my man! Best Job Ever #FamilyFeud on a Friday night
Hair be whipped too! Keeping it together
Bout damn time, I was like "They BET not get away with that shit", posing with pizza boxes and all

That Woman That Got Caught Having Sex In A Domino’s Is Facing Some Weird Charges
Is it just me or does the internet be searching sometimes, I ain't gone lie though, they got me to click on it cause Will is my boy.. For Life

Photo of Will Smith Looking Like Uncle Phil Has the Internet Freaking Out
Booty scoops? I didn't even know they had a name for it, we been doing this since high school, ya'll remember?

50 Mind-Blowing Booty Scoops Guaranteed To Put Lead In Your Pencil
Caption this ya'll. GO!!!
If you find somebody that'll listen to you complain and offer solutions THATS something to hold on to. Be with somebody that's gone build you up, not put you down.

Have You Actually Found The One? Here's A Simple Way To Tell
Walk away with a check for $6.22 after two weeks.