Hope you turned up one last time for 2016! It's officially 2017, Happy New Year!
Seasons greetings from Martin and the crew! ⛄ ❄
There's still time for a little last minute decorating.
You know Marty Mar had to get in on this. One week until Thanksgiving!
Waking up with that Halloween hangover like...
When someone shows up to the party without a costume...
Friday night and Martin is about to be on...
In memory of Tommy Ford we'll be airing our favorite 'Martin' episodes featuring Tommy this weekend.
We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Tommy Ford. We'll never forget you, brother. #RIPTommyFord
Catch us airing the first & last episodes of 'Martin' at 8:30 & 9p on MTV2!
When Martin thought he hit the powerball...#TBT
Redman aka Reggie Noble gives "Martin" big ups on tonight's "Uncommon Sense."
The first fell on a Sunday this month so...
Looks like Kevin Hart was watching those old episodes of Martin On MTV2. Nailed it!
Looking for the french fries.
Pull up or lay up. Shoot your shot.
Follow Sheneneh's lead, BS until you blow their minds!
Jerome's in the house, watch your mouth!