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Very good series from Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson today. He takes today's AMD MVP award.
Excellent finish from our LoL team to close out the series against Origen.

We earn our first 2-0 of the split.
Great start to the series from the Fnatic LoL Team, however they couldn't hold on and Splyce take the series 2-1.

Our next match is against Origen on Saturday.
One of the world’s most iconic football clubs collaborates with the world’s leading esports organisation to elevate esports and bring football to the digital masses. AS Roma Enters Esports in Partnership with Fnatic
Another week, another leg day
Week #4 VLOG is up ????

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Thanks for today I'll upload this week's VLOG later tonight
Finished today's session with an inclined power walk, burning those calories

Stream online in a couple of minutes!
Coming in to today's game strong ????

(Thanks Kublai Barlas & Kikis)
At the start of the 2017 season, we mentioned the importance of having a flexible 10-man roster, and the benefits it would be able to bring to both of our lineups throughout the split.

Having seen excellent displays from Broxah in the Challenger Series, we have made the decision to give him a shot in the LCS team. This means that, pending Riot approval, he will become our starting jungler for...
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Starting of the week strong w/ Kublai Barlas
Week #3 VLOG

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Streaming for a couple of hours before our Challenger team takes on PSG.
The late game pressure is too much for Roccat. Big game from Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson & Paul "sOAZ" Boyer to secure the 2-1 victory for us. GG WP!