The 2nd best part of the day! Now onto the best part! #LetsRide Photo: @erikputsep
The caption is too obvious! I will let you guys figure out which one it is PhotoCred: @antekarlssson GirlfriendCred: @maxfredriksson
It was just me and Jerry who made it out today Enjoy your Friday everyone!!! #goprohero5session
Clean and ready for the next adventure! #Camber #Sworks
I can highly recommend to have a mechanic that rips on a bike! @cxpatrik #MorningMission
So much space for activities! Very happy to have this place during the Winter season, but I am very ready to ride outdoors now!!! Photo: @maxfredriksson
It's not Barcelona, but it's still pretty sweet! #Camber
Buckle up! Because I got a feeling that 2017 is going to be epic! What do you look forward to the most? Photo: @erikputsep
I guess you can call it an amusement park for "grown ups".
Thanks for this time @lapomabikepark Photo: @erikputsep
One last sunset session! Now back to the cold for a bit! Camera: @erikputsep
The face you make when you drop in and are safe like a baby in the POC Coron helmet KillerPhoto: @marcusvaleur
Don't underestimate the skids on your way back! Photo: @erikputsep
The choice is easy! HT-components Photo: @erikputsep
I have broken several bones, been spending 2 months digging holes in a field and shot with the best cameras there is just to get a viral youtube success. Then I find this guy who did it all with a shitty camera and a basketball court

Extreme MTB Stunts!!!

My latest tricks on my mountain bike including no-hand wheelies, 360 endoes, switchback wheelies, etc. Check out 0FXproductions0's awesome collage: http://im...

And just like that did I get myself some energy for a couple more runs!!! How was your riding experience this weekend?!? #Gopro5black Photo: @jessicalinder
Nose bonks is the best invention since the wheel! What's your favorite bonk combination?!? Mine is right here! #Gopro5Black Camera: @patrikwikstrom
To flow the trails line in @lapomabikepark is a spiritual awakening Photo: @erikputsep
It should be a warning sign at every Dirtjump line, saying that it can be highly addictive! Thanks for the shot @hectorsaura !
No complaints from Barcelona! Photo: @johanssonsimon with @gopro Hero 5.
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