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Me and my Valentine go waaaaay back.....#1988
#HappyValentinesDay [ Link ]
If you're looking for me I'm still on Cloud 9 after Saturday night's Ryman Auditorium show. It's my favorite place to play and the crowd was beyond amazing. So much love! Thank you!!!
Getting the hang of this SnapChat thing. Follow me at @mmcbofficial
As women we hear a lot of opinions. And not just from men. The comments in these bubbles are judgements spoken by both men and women. In this picture, and in our world, there are judgements about how many kids you should have, how you should raise your kids, whether to work or stay at home, body-shaming, responsibility for sexual assault, name-calling, sexism, misogony, even shame for feeling...
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I now have my own location filter for the tour on Snapchat. I'm still figuring it out but it's a lot of fun. Add me as a friend on Snapchat to see my stories. I'm mmcbofficial
Also if you come to one of the shows use the cool Love Unleashed Tour location on a pic of you or the show and snap away!
See you on Snapchat!
We are kickin' it at The Chicago Theatre TONIGHT!!!! It's freezing...well, below freezing actually... but we are going to warm up fast with lots of love and positive vibes inside this building. Can't wait!!! #loveunleashedtour2017
I made this tonight. Roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, olive oil, maple syrup,toasted pecans, dried cranberries, and goat cheese. #crack #nofilter
Throwing it back to one of my favorite music videos. Do you know which video this is from? #tbt
Happy Birthday to my best friend. John McBride, you are one of the most generous, funny, strong, compassionate, talented, and inspiring people I know. I'm so blessed I get to walk this journey by your side. I love you.
So proud of Team Music Is Love and all the love we are showing. Check it out.
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Team Music Is Love

Hey everybody! Hope the new year is going your way so far! We are less than a week in and I, for one, am ready to get back into a routine and schedule. Even though I'm off the road most of January, I'm working on all kinds of fun music projects for the upcoming year and also just enjoying time at home with the family. Emma is home from college until the middle of the month and it's been great...
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I've had more great meals and great memories around this table than I can count. My mother-in-law was a fantastic cook and an amazing hostess and right beside her for 59 years was her husband John. They were two of the best people I have ever known. We have said our goodbyes to them both now. I'm just happy that they are together again. #wichita #family #johnandflavia
The Blackbird Academy made #2 on the list of best recording schools in all of America!!! Congrats to everyone at TBA and all the students. Lots of hard work and passion went into creating this school. It was created for the right reasons....a true passion for mentoring and training young talent so that they can do what they love. I'm so proud of you John McBride!
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Top 10 Schools for Music Recording Technology & Audio Design - College Magazine
New year. Blank slate. I wanna say thank you to ALL the people that have supported me this year. I have
so many exciting things I can't wait to share with you about 2017. Lotsa singin!
But for now I just wanna say
This year can be whatever you can dream it can be. Make a wishlist. Put it out there. We attract the energy we put out. Positivity in 2017. Who's with me?!
As part of my recent partnership with DAV, I was honored to thank veterans on stage at my concerts across the country. Thank you for your service! #LoveUnleashed #Sponsored
With all the sparkle and jingle jangle of Christmas decorations my favorite is still this simple nativity scene. My dad made this manger for his mother, my grandma. From the time I was a small child all the way until after I graduated high school it was my job to set up this nativity at Christmas. My grandma gave me this before she passed away. These are the original figurines and some of the...
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John's mom made these stockings. #missher
I couldโ€™ve made different decisions throughout my career to lead me down a different path, but Iโ€™m happy where I am today. It all works out how itโ€™s supposed to! #Principal #ad