Maruti Suzuki DZire
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Introducing the elegant limited edition Dzire Allure. Now experience exclusivity like never before. #ALovelierWorld
Maruti Suzuki DZire
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Maruti Suzuki DZire
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#MarutiSuzuki #Dzire welcomes you to #ALovelierWorld of comfort, indulgence and enchantment!

Watch how a couple discovered a lovelier world on a delightful drive in the Dzire.
Because there is nothing better than indulging into a triple chocolate mousse cake on a Sunday!

With every bite I’m teleported to #ALovelierWorld. It sure has to be the perfect end to my day!

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Sundays are meant to be cheat days! Never can I ever say no to a meal that looks like this!

So yum! So indulging! It sure makes up for #ALovelierWorld! What’s your cheat meal for the day?

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Some days, all you need to do is stop. And take a deep breath.

Wake up to the golden glaze & watch the world for the beauty it is.

And then just go about your day like you usually would.

Slowly, you too will be living #ALovelierWorld.
Guess who's back today?

Yes! That Boho Girl ! And we’re super excited!

Stick around for more about her!
Step-in to experience the charm of #Dzire.

Aesthetically done interiors and a spacious cabin give you uncompromised comfort on every drive.

Spending #NewYear with your loved ones is the cherry on this 3 layered maple cake with poached oranges, which I’ve especially baked to welcome this Year.

The world definitely becomes #ALovelierWorld when you have such indulgence in front of you while your loved ones are on your side. #NewYearHappiness

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Such great desserts here! I love pecans and this pecan-walnut tart is SO GOOD!

It has just made it to my 2017 Baking Bucket-List and I am definitely going to make one in my kitchen once I’m home.

Such desserts are a recipe for making #ALovlierWorld! Don’t you agree? #NewYearHappiness!

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This delicious mixed fruit tart reminded me of my journey as a food blogger and filled me up with joy for the year ahead.

To me #ALovelierWorld is where happiness comes in the form of a dessert and gives everlasting memories.

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2017 is surely going to be the year of indulgence!

With plush interiors & rich features of the Maruti Suzuki Dzire, get ready to begin a new journey on a happier & indulgent note!
Yes! You heard right!
Shivesh Bhatia is back tomorrow with sugar, spice & everything nice!

See you tomorrow Bake With Shivesh!
The last day of the year has finally arrived & I couldn’t find a better outfit to sum it up!

It’s been an overwhelming year, from travelling across countries to binging on exquisite dishes! All of that just to experience #ALovelierWorld!

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Sitting beside a pool not only soothes my senses but also gives me some tranquility to perceive all the beauty this world has to offer. It continues to amaze me how the smallest of the elements contribute to make #ALovelierWorld.

And what can be better than the last day of the year to indulge into an ulterior world.

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I know I am famished but when an appetizer looks like that, I’ve got to snap a picture first!

A treat, for both, my stomach & my eyes. Definitely makes up for #ALovelierWorld!

Such a lovely end to my year. Don’t you agree?

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Kritika Khurana is taking us over with all her Glam Bam Fam!
Just for tomorrow though :P

We’re uber excited That Boho Girl! Let’s do this :D

Let technology make your drives effortless.

Indulge in delightful driving experiences with the AGS in your #Dzire.

A Merry Christmas to all from Team LBB!

Here’s a little gift from us!

We want to know what makes for #ALovelierWorld for you today! Share your clicks, tag @marutisuzukidzire using #ALovelierWorld and get featured on Maruti Suzuki Dzire's Instagram handle!

Get sharing now! #LBBPartner #LBBTakeover
This #Christmas experience comfort like never before as you indulge in the plush interiors and rich features of your #Dzire. #ALovelierWorld

Merry Christmas!