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What's your favourite Marvel soundtrack?
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Cosplay goals.
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To celebrate 2 years of the Marvel Fact Files collection, we've looked back at our favourite moments.

Marvel Fact Files hits 200 | Hero Collector
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When you hear a stranger talking about Marvel.
The Maximoffs!
Spideypool incoming!
Who's excited for Thor: Ragnarok, then?
Congratulations to Tom Holland on his BAFTA nomination! Very well deserved.
Doctor Strange being confirmed for Thor: Ragnarok is the best way to start the year!
One of Marvel's most popular supervillains Doctor Doom has finally joined the Marvel Fact Files collection. Add this tyranical dictator to your collection now! [ Link ]
Who wants some of Stan Lee's birthday cake?

credit - [ Link ]
It's the attention to detail...
Official Poster for FX's 'Legion'
A Happy 94th Birthday to the main man!
Merry Christmas from all of us at Eaglemoss! We hope you're all having the best day!