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Marvel's Daredevil
12/07/2016 at 18:00. Facebook
Marvel's Daredevil
12/05/2016 at 19:58. Facebook
He will get to the bottom of this, no matter what.
Sooner or later, the truth will reveal itself.
There's only one man that can save this city.
The work never ends when you're the king. #Daredevil
Everybody needs a savior. #Daredevil
Always leave your mark. #Punisher #Daredevil
Practice makes perfect. #Daredevil
The past always catches up with you.
I thought you understood me. #Elektra #Daredevil
I'm already dead. #Punisher #Daredevil
Healers. Fighters. Teachers. United.
Hell’s Kitchen defends its own.
There's no costume when the man and the mask are one. #Daredevil
No crime goes unpunished. #Punisher #Daredevil
Never back down. #Punisher #Daredevil
You never forget your first time. #Elektra #Daredevil
Wake up and smell the carnage. #Punisher #Daredevil
Daredevil and Marvel's Jessica Jones crashed the Marvel's Luke Cage party yesterday, but nobody was complaining.

Jessica Jones and Daredevil Crash Luke Cage's Facebook Live Q&A