How do you get ready for beach season?
Over 2 billion views on a single episode on Youtube, the 5th most watched video on the Youtube platform and more BIG news to come! Plus a new episode for Easter is coming. The excitement never stops!
Actions speak louder than words sometimes.
Wait a minute, is it what we all think? A special Easter episode of Masha and the Bear is coming soon! Lots of fun and "hidden eggs"! Excited? Then there's no time to waste - watch the trailer right now!

Masha and The Bear - Surprise! Surprise! (Trailer) New episode coming soon!

The wolves come up with a new idea how to get a stable and nutritious food source… they rob a poultry farm and get a…rooster. Meanwhile Masha and the hare ar...

Having a little party on a Wednesday...never killed nobody!
Why do people say to run like the wind when you can't even see the wind? #ChildrensQuestions
A child doesn't need much, just a true friend who's always here for her, the Bear☺Look what a sweet Masha we found @clarinhajordao_ ❤ #mashaeourso #mashaandthebear #friendship #simbadickiegroup
Happy 1st Day of Spring!
Oh how cool! You can now watch Masha and the Bear on our official Spanish music channel. Find Masha y el Oso Música on YouTube to watch with your little one! [ Link ]
When you go to click "Next Episode" and realize you just finished the series!

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Ha! This is too cool. Thanks for sharing, @tinytweety_d. Masha loves Snapchat!
If dessert is the best part of the meal, why isn't dessert the entire meal? #ChildrensQuestions
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
This little one has her very own Masha style! Thank you to Dorota K. for sharing a picture of this lovely Masha look-alike!
Why is it when you’re ready to go to sleep, your little one never is? #ParentingQuestions