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Do you know how to VISUALIZE a story? When you read a book, remember to stop, close your eyes and use your imagination to SEE what you're reading about! It will help you remember the story better too! That's how Masha remembers all her wonderful tales. #SchoolTips
Give a child a palette, paints and a paint brush as well as a room for creativity and a little master will paint a forest and all its dwellers.
Here's your chance to win, America! Enter to win a Toys "R" Us gift card and Masha and the Bear toys from Spin Master by LIKING the Masha and the Bear Facebook page and SHARING this post. Be sure your Like and Share can be see by all Facebook users to be entered to win. Good luck everyone! P.S. The giveaway runs for the USA only. P.S.S. You can make only one repost.
Time to announce the winners of the exciting giveaway from Masha! Congratulations to Ripple D. Rose and Aimee Bryan! For all those who participated, get ready because there will be another chance for you to win so stay tuned. [ Goo.gl Link ]
What does cheese say when it's having it's picture taken? #ChildrensQuestions
Yes, Masha is saying that to you! Press like and tag someone you love in the comments to let him or her know that you think they are a cutie pie, too!
That is literally what our faces look like, when we listen to all the songs and OSTs on Masha’s Music YouTube Channel. By the way, they are now available in English! Follow the link to subscribe to it right now: [ Goo.gl Link ]
For example, Masha and the Bear!
On the tree or under the tree, Christmas is more magical with the amusing duo, Masha and the Bear! If you want to make this Christmas special for your kids, get the Bellowing Bear from Spin Master that actually grunts like the Bear when a child hugs him. Available at Toys''R''Us: [ Goo.gl Link ]
It is almost time Phoenix! Masha and the Bear are on their way to see you! Get ready for your closeup with Masha and the Bear at the Queen Creek Holiday Festival & Parade. For more details, visit [ Goo.gl Link ]
What can be better for kids than to see the favorite amusing duo live? Come to the Memphis Holiday Parade 2016 this Saturday in Memphis, TN to spend wonderful family time with children and Masha and the Bear! #IMetMasha For more information, please, go to the event's website goo.gl/JVuIGC
Show us the true sense of style with a new Snap 'N Fashion Masha from Spin Master! The set includes a doll and 3 complete outfits so that you can decide how your favorite little mischievous girl, Masha, will be dressed up today.
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Snap 'N Fashion Doll | Masha and the Bear at ToysRUs

Shop now! https://goo.gl/NRpUA9 Masha and the Bear Snap ‘N Fashion sets by SPIN MASTER bring to life your favorite little mischievous girl, Masha. This set i...

Is there an expiry date on fortune cookie predictions?
Masha and the Bear are getting very excited to see the Grand Illumination in Columbus on December, 2nd! Will you be going to meet them on Friday to proudly say #IMetMasha afterward?
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Lack of attention in the classroom is a waste of time! Why? It’s simple: when you distract yourself from the lesson and start daydreaming, you miss the teacher’s explanation of something important.
Oh wow, look at @everything.i.touch doll collection on Instagram! Which Masha-doll from Simba would you choose? You can see them all at the TRU Britain online shop: [ Goo.gl Link ]