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No one said getting to Andromeda was going to be easy. That's where the ODSY Drive System comes in.
Mass Effect
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Take a tour of the Tempest and Nomad with the latest Andromeda Initiative brief.
Mass Effect
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The Tempest is capable of traveling thirteen light years per day. Learn more at the Andromeda Initiative Hub.
Mass Effect
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Your next brief is ready, recruit. Head to the Andromeda Initiative Hub to get started.
Stay ready, recruit. A new Andromeda Initiative brief on the Tempest and Nomad will be coming in tomorrow.
Nakmor Kesh's mission contributions include station upkeep and ensuring all facilities remain in working order.
Look ever upwards, recruit. Andromeda awaits.
Watch the NVIDIA CES 2017 keynote now to see more Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay in action!
Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on 3/21/2017. Are you ready to explore a new galaxy?

Mass Effect: Andromeda Coming March 21, 2017
At NVIDIA's CES 2017 keynote tomorrow, you'll get to see more Mass Effect: Andromeda environments and gameplay. Tune in at 6:30PM PT.
Explorers wanted.
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What wonders await you in Andromeda?
Ready to see more Mass Effect: Andromeda environments and gameplay? Tune in to NVIDIA's CES keynote next Wednesday.
In space, mass effect fields have applications ranging from faster-than-light travel and starship shields to cryo-stasis pods.
Ready to set sail for Andromeda?
Mass Effect: Andromeda's December Community Roundup is live!

December Community Roundup: The Many Faces of Ryder
The Ark Hyperion is currently in the final stages of construction within the moon’s orbit.
Learn more about your trip to Andromeda and unlock exclusive equipment.