Meet MIT senior Lorraine Wong, winner of this year's MIT Collier Medal honoring unsung heroes whose acts of kindness make the Institute a more caring community.

Lorraine Wong awarded 2017 MIT Collier Medal
These devices from two grad students in MIT Mechanical Engineering are helping blind and low-vision learners access STEM.

A measurable improvement in STEM access for the blind
Pauline Morrow Austin was an innovator in radar technology and recognized as a leading scholar aiding the WWII war effort. #WomensHistoryMonth

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Lourdes Melgar SM ’88 PhD ’92 discusses the need for energy reform, the role of private investors, and the remaining challenges for Mexico moving forward. #MITBetterWorld

3 Questions: Lourdes Melgar on Mexico’s energy reform
Solar panels have been installed on 650 acres in North Carolina and are now delivering power into the nation’s grid, thanks to an agreement with MIT and two other organizations. The solar farm will offset a substantial portion of MIT's greenhouse gas emissions. #MITBetterWorld

MIT’s solar plant is delivering on its promises
We bring you tail wagging from MIT's MindHandHeart Puppy Lab this #NationalPuppyDay!

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In the center of a distant galaxy, almost 300 million light years from Earth, scientists have discovered a supermassive black hole that is “choking” on a sudden influx of stellar debris.
For Women's History Month, a scene featuring chemistry pioneer Ellen Swallow Richards (back row, far left) and the MIT Women's Laboratory in 1888, newly digitized by the MIT Museum.

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MIT Corporation Life Member Shirley Ann Jackson ’68 PhD ’73 is a distinguished physicist whose research led to technologies that changed the way we communicate. #WomensHistoryMonth

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MIT collaborations in art, design, technology find fertile ground in Mexico.

Engaged neighbors
Working the angles of North Court. #aroundMIT

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Design bioinspiration: MIT Prof. William O'Brien and grad student Joey Swerdlin from the MIT Department of Architecture cast bark-mimicking wall panels for a house in the woods.

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The work of astronomical "computer" Elizabeth Langon Williams, MIT Class of 1903, led directly to the discovery of Pluto. #WomensHistoryMonth

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Happy #FirstDayOfSpring! Vernal equinox arrived today in the Northern Hemisphere.

Image: Maia Weinstock/MIT
MIT had two finalists in the 2017 Wellcome Image Awards for scientific photography.

This British organization asked for beautiful science photos. Here are 13 finalists.
An MIT startup is now aiming the technology at a different demographic, putting it to use as a health care tool for the elderly.

Virtual-reality system for the elderly wins health care prize
MIT rated No. 1 for 12 subject categories in 2017 QS World University Rankings

MIT rates No. 1 in 12 subjects in 2017 QS World University Rankings
Did you know? MIT Vice President for Research Maria Zuber was the first woman to lead a NASA planetary mission — and the first woman to lead a science department at MIT. #WomensHistoryMonth

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“My work with networking is all about communicating ideas and data across the world. It doesn’t matter how great your ideas are if you don’t have a channel to express yourself and get your word out.” —Daniel Zuo, MIT senior

Daniel Zuo: Creative approaches to connectivity
“I’m really loving MIT,” says Associate Professor Tamar Schapiro. “The MIT Philosophy department here has a reputation as being the friendliest in the country, and it’s really true. People enjoy it, and that creates a virtuous cycle.”

“What we’re doing when we try to live our lives well”