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Studying with 2 children under 2 from Kazakhstan? Massey distance student Nikkie shares how it's done on the student blog.

Studying with 2 children under 2 from Kazakhstan
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"One look at Lesnar and it's pretty clear to the trained eye that his jelly beans had more than just glucose in them" - Professor Steve Stannard writes for on steroids in UFC.

Mark Hunt's fighting the good fight
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What's it like studying as an athlete? Read how Kara balances training and studying on our student blog VIBES @ Massey.

Studying as an Athlete
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Register now for Performing, Writing - an interdisciplinary research initiative that examines the relationship between the creative practices of performance and the written word. Being held from March 10-19 in Wellington, the Performing Writing Symposium is hosted by The College of Creative Arts, Massey University in partnership with The Playground,in particular its annual Wellington...
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Performing Writing 2017
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Most distance students face challenges juggling life and study but few will have faced the hurdles that Renee Keating has. The Massey business student and brain cancer survivor says: "I wanted to share my story so that people know things don't have to hold you back!" Renee, we salute your determination.

Tokoroa mum recognises symptoms of her own brain tumour after watching Shortland Street
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From the Olympics to The Odyssey, from Roman rogues to Greek gods - the Ancient World still captivates and influences modern audiences. A new website created by Massey's Classical Studies scholars explores the impact of Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt on NZ arts and culture.

Sharing Aotearoa and Ancient World connections - Massey University
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Do you have what it takes to creatively solve problems? Are you interested in the agri sector? Then the Manawatū AgTech Hackathon could be just the thing for you. Find out more at the event info evening on Feb 24. Details at [ Link ]
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The Supper Spanish series is an evening class on our Auckland campus for absolute beginners. You'll start from Hola and Gracias and build up your understanding of the Spanish language and culture in a fun and interactive environment. For more information and registrations, head to

Supper Spanish - Massey University
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Struggling to sleep? Counting sheep? Massey's Sleep/Wake Research Centre starts insomnia clinics in Wellington later this month. Click below for more details:

Put insomnia in its place - Massey University
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Leaving school, furthering your education, joining the workforce, establishing an independent base and making identity and lifestyle choices are all part of growing up, yet a significant proportion of young New Zealanders find they have insufficient support to help them successfully make these changes. Now two researchers from the School of Social Work - Professor Robyn Munford and Associate...
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You probably haven't heard of mycoplasma genitalium or MG - it's a drug-resistant sexually transmitted infection, that acts like a superbug. "It's estimated that 1-3 per cent of the population [NZ] may have MG, though our earlier published research suggests it could be as high as 8.7 per cent in high-risk groups," says Dr Collette Bromhead. Read more about her research in below:

Researchers raise concerns over sexually transmitted superbug
We generally assume moderate drinking (two standard drinks per day) is good for our health. This idea comes from studies over the past three decades showing moderate drinkers are healthier and less likely to die prematurely than those who drink more, less, or don’t drink at all. Sadly, says Dr Andy Towers, this isn't true. Read more about his latest research in The Conversation.

Maybe moderate drinking isn't so good for you after all
Massey's Dr Stuart Hunter is currently on the way to perform necropsies on some of the stranded whales. "We want to try and determine if there’s an underlying reason why such a large number of whales stranded and died in such a short space of time."

LIVE: Next rescue attempt likely to be Saturday as volunteers care for stranded Farewell Spit whales
Massive congratulations to Lisa Carrrington - Supreme Winner at last night's #HalbergAwards and Massey University Arts graduate and current Psychology student. Awesome stuff Lisa! You are an inspiration, achieving your goals on and off the water.
A trio of former Wellington design students have used left over waste-paper rubbish to craft a business that converts the discarded paper into high-end stationery. The Misprint.Co now collects paper from local business, corporates, schools and universities for their fully customised notebooks. The company has grown steadily and now repurposes about 800 books a month. The next step is to move...
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From waste paper to note paper - Massey University
Don't forget to check out the eye-catching Cindy Sherman photographic exhibition at City Gallery, Wellington, which is free to the public on Saturday February 11. Below is a link to more information about presentations related to the exhibition being given by staff from the College of Creative Arts at Massey University, which is partner to the exhibition, in February and March too!
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City Gallery Wellington
Anxious children - the start of the school year can bring on those butterflies in the tummy. Psychologist Dr Kirsty Ross has some helpful tips for parents dealing with anxious kids from primary to teens...

Anxious school kids – what can parents do? - Massey University
We may think we know a lot about our planet but that doesn’t stop humans from trashing and wasting precious natural resources at a time when we can least afford to. Solving the big environmental issues requires traditional and social sciences – that’s the strength of the Environmental Studies programme at Massey. The particular piece of the environment you care about could be anywhere in the...
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Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Studies) BA(EnvStud) - 2017 - Massey University
Phoebe Iskander never imagined that her Engineering degree would take her to remote Cambodian villages. But her work as a humanitarian engineer involved her in a project to find a way to make the biogas rice cookers last longer. “if we can figure out how to stop them breaking down, [the villagers] are well equipped to solve any other problems.” #FindYourHunger [ Link ]

Designing humanitarian engineers - Massey University
Maintaining bone health is essential for physical wellbeing, and when bone density is lost osteoporosis and fractures can occur.
Current treatment options include hormone-replacement therapy or the use of bisphosphonates - both of which can have side effects. Now, Professor Marlena Kruger is leading a platform of research investigating a variety of nutritional options that could help promote...
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