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When real life issues and academic interests collide, the results can have profound effects. Take psychology researcher Virginia Westerberg – she suffered concussion from a horse-riding fall and was surprised at the lack of information about sports injury prevention and awareness. So she decided to investigate. Her thesis on the impact of repeated minor trauma to the head has added new strands...
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Study links dementia to head injuries - Massey University
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For those of you nearing the end of Dry January, here's an interesting article featuring Dr Matt Barnes from School of Sport & Exercise - Massey University, about the impact going alcohol-free has on recovery and sport performance.

Can Dry January Make You a Better Athlete?
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NZ & China are likely to become closer in Trump era of US protectionism, says political analyst A/Prof Grant Duncan...what do you think?

NZ’s rapport with China set to bloom in Trump era - Massey University
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Being a place-getter in a concept design competition has led directly to Visual Communication Design graduate Tahiwi Hunt getting a full-time job with Weta Workshop. Papers within the illustration component of the Bachelor of Design degree were ideal for what he wanted to learn, from digital model-making, story and narration, concept design as well as presentation skills. #FindYourHunger

Graphic fantasy design win for Korea bound student - Massey University
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Phillip Ratima wants to be a Māori sports doctor, and he’s on his way after excelling at Manukura in Palmerston North. Phillip starts his studies with Massey this year, doing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Exercise and Sport Science. “I’ve always had aspirations of being a Māori sports doctor. I want to give back to the community I’ve been raised in." #FindYourHunger

Manukura students excel with 100% pass rate in NCEA
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Georgia Hamilton only started her communications degree as a trial, but she quickly discovered it was the right one for her. “In the early days of my study I was given a simple, yet powerful piece of advice: Just say yes. As terrifying as this was, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a number of amazing experiences – like being a news reporter at the 2011 Rugby World Cup”. #FindYourHunger

Graduate profile Georgia Hamilton - Massey University
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What if you are a Chinese migrant living in NZ, with a job and family. You are an only child, and your parent/s are still back in China. You've always known its your duty to look after them in their old age. Researcher Dr Liangni Sally Liu is investigating this complex issue...

Chinese migrants and elderly parents - Marsden study - Massey University
Massey University
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“It’s so exciting to be working as part of the New Zealand Food Innovation Network for my first job after study. Through Massey's staff and the summer work placement, I was able to make some strong industry contacts. The degree is very well known in the industry and is the preferred qualification for many employers.” Food Tech student Brad O’Callaghan has recently started work at The FoodBowl...
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Student gets taste for life at The FoodBowl - Massey University
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Over a year, Dr Eva Neely watched and spoke to teachers and 16-18 year-old students at an urban girls high school, exploring their everyday food practices including routines, rituals and habits. Click below to read more about what she discovered:

How is food used to foster social relationships at school? - Massey University
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Welcome to new College of Health Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Mills and Assistant Vice-Chancellor Māori and Pasifika Dr Charlotte Severne.

Auckland welcomes news leaders - Massey University
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Now that NCEA results are in, it’s officially time to get excited about starting uni! We’re busy planning Orientation for all of our new students, so head to for more info and to register!
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In the first half of an epic two-part finale, Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, Kenshin journeys to Kyoto where unrest is brewing. Awaiting him there is a man so formidable that he was once allowed to inherit the very mantle Kenshin renounced; that of sanctioned assassin.
Come and check out Massey's FREE Japanese film screening, starting for 2017 again February 1st on the Auckland campus....
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Revenge of the fallen assassin - Massey University
Massey University
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New Zealanders have a huge appetite for ice cream, consuming an average of 23 litres per person a year, making them among the biggest eaters of the frozen treat in the world.
Massey researchers Matt Golding and Allan Hardacre, working on a hunch that interactions between starches and lipid emulsifiers might provide a new mechanism for foam stabilisation, saw an opportunity in the low-fat and...
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Need to get the kids off the couch and doing some exercise this summer? There’s currently an exciting opportunity for kids to try 3D motion capture and learn about how their body works during exercise at the School of Sport & Exercise - Massey University in Wellington. Click below for details:

Children's Gait Study - Tackling Childhood Obesity
There are calls for a ban on alcohol sponsorship of sport. What do you think?
Professor Sally Casswell spoke to RadioLIVE this morning, and says sport sponsorship of alcohol in NZ is a really important area, as we are such a keen sporting nation. Listen to her interview below:

Researchers call for ban on alcohol sponsorship of sport
Heard of healthonism? It's a blurring of health and hedonism. The act of priming for - and erasing - the sins of the night before with gym workouts and cold-pressed juices. But does it work? spoke to Dr Toby Mündel from the School of Sport & Exercise - Massey University

A toast to your health - Lifestyle - NZ Herald News
Light up your summer nights with a visit to Wellington's Botanic Garden to see illuminated creative works made by School of Design students at Massey University.
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Marine life tribute helps light up Wellington - Massey University
How do you tell the difference between digital trash and online erudition? Is information literacy the key to success as well as a marker of a civilised society? A human right even? Prof Lisa Emerson and her research team are exploring what information literacy means for teens and uni students...

Information literacy a human right: researcher - Massey University
Do you think the tax increases on cigarettes will make people stub out the habit? Associate Professor Marewa Glover doesn't think so.
"The tax is a punishing tax. It is deliberately punishing in order to get people to change their behaviour. The problem is, we're continuing to treat problems as a silo," Dr Glover says.

'How far can you oppress somebody?': Anti-smoking campaigner says tax hikes aren't working
Is our government using clever reporting to make our waterways seem healthier than the really are? Dr Mike Joy claims that they are actively blurring the truth about the state of our waters - what do you think?

Mike Joy: 'Agency capture' shifting goalposts on environmental issues