The Australian Open is officially over and what a tournament it was! It was such a pleasure serving happiness to our valued cardholders. We look forward to more Priceless moments in 2017! #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Maria Aram
Tee Cee
Alexander Diesta
You know what's Priceless? Having Tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt pop in to surprise these tennis fans in the Superbox! #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Kane Peeters
Andrew Wade
Delwyn Johns
Today was a massive one for the Australian Open, so we've chosen the most Priceless moments for you to enjoy! #AusOpen #HappinessServedο»Ώ
Tilley Patent
Vikram Patel
Mary-Anne Murphy
Watch tennis legend Jim Courier surprise super fans on their private Australian Open tour with a tennis lesson on Rod Laver! Now that's Priceless. #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Aadyn Sleep-Dalton
Rhys Contessa
You can still enjoy Tap Tennis on site at the Australian Open Festival area! Be sure to pay us a visit for a little healthy competition to get you in the spirit of the Finals! #AusOpen #HappinessServed
We're getting a little excited in the HappiNEST as we prepare for the final matches of the Australian Open! #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Missed out on the Priceless Australian Open moments everyone's talking about? Check them out here #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Khun S James
Steve Liew
A little healthy competition at the HappiNEST between Martina Hingis and Lleyton Hewitt as we prepare for the Australian Open grand final of Tap Tennis! #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Georgie Serrano
Andreas Kamml
Happy Australia Day to all our happy fans enjoying the tennis today! #AusOpen #HappinessServed
Day 9 was huge for players and fans alike - what was your favourite moment? #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Geoff Otterman
Got stuck at work and missed out on the action at the Australian Open? Catch up on the happy highlights here! #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Gabriel Testoni
Tom Phillippe
It's been a tough competition, but we've selected our top players for the utlimate Tap Tennis showdown this Australia Day! Stay tuned for their top scores and more. #HappinessServed #AusOpen #HewBeauty
Kylie Phelps- Mcpherson
George Wu
Chai Sainsbury
We loved hosting Sunrise yesterday morning at our Tap Tennis zone! You can watch Lleyton Hewitt weigh in on the Australian Open and our Tap Tennis Grand Final here. #HappinessServed #AustralianOpen
We loved hosting Sunrise yesterday morning at our Tap Tennis zone You

Aussies fighting hard to stay in Australian Open competition
What a ball! Relive the first week with our highlights of the Australian Open. We can't wait for quarter-finals to kick off this week! #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Brendan Jones
Here's something to smile about Tennis mega fans Wendy and Connor were upgraded to Superbox seats at the Australian Open! #HappinessServed #AusOpen
Harry Jolly
Billy Robb
Anastassia Tsaloukas
Tune in tomorrow at 7:45am as we host Lleyton Hewitt, live on Channel 7's Sunrise! To play, visit the Tap Tennis zone at the #AustralianOpenFestival, or click to play the online version here. #AustralianOpen #HappinessServed
Tune in tomorrow at 745am as we host Lleyton Hewitt live on

Watch Tap Tennis live on Sunrise!
Claire Therese
Didn't catch that? - We've got the most memorable moments from day 6 of the Australian Open here! #HappinessServed #AusOpen
George Wu
Errol Loretta Fakes
It can be hard to keep up with all the Priceless Australian Open action, so relive the most memorable moments from day 5! #AusOpen #HappinessServed
Bec Blackney
Jim Riddle
Kerry Downs