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Under the slogan 'Read For Peace', our MasterPeace Club of Monstair launched this inclusive call to different groups from all across the city to come to read books together for free!

"We want to show the real Tunisia, we want to transform the negative image lately of Tunisian in the news! We are a peace-loving nation" pleaded one of our youngest members in our club!

Yes! We believe in the...
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It gives us great pride to announce that მასტერფის საქართველო Masterpeace Georgia has become our new regional office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia!

The new office is responsible for international projects promoting cooperation, peace-building, and the establishment of new clubs and activities in the European and Central Asian regions.

Along with our offices in Cairo, Mexico, and The...
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Looking For The Change in 2017?
You Can Start Your Year With Starting Your #MasterPeace Club!

Start a MasterPeace Club!
Peaceful New Beginnings! #MasterPeace2017

From our MasterPeace club of Monastir, #Tunisia
MasterPeace wishes you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a peaceful new year!
After three months, this #WallofConnection in #Nepal is now becoming an inspiring meeting place for brainstorming and connection!
“We believe in the power of well informed changemakers, said Aart Bos, MasterPeace CEO"

We are very proud to announce our partnership with the leading global education platform Ubiquity University that offers innovative training to our Nelsons to advance their work and knowledge!

Ubiquity University is now an Official Partner of MasterPeace! • MASTERPEACE
Jewelry Made From Bombs!

During the Vietnam War Era, nearly 270 million bombs were dropped in the country of #Laos, many of which still remain unexploded. #Article22, a sustainable ethic Jewelry company, working with local artisans in Laos, helps transform bomb shrapnel into some truly wonderful pieces of jewelry; not only bringing income to the local community but also helping clear bombs...
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Following 5 years of inspiration, our dear board member Petra Stienen is stepping down from the board however being our ambassador forever!

On Behalf of All Our Movement .... Thank You!
Happy Birthday to Our Co-Founder Ilco Van Der Linde <3

Thank you for the continuous inspiration!
Last night, our favorite band The Dutch played some tunes from their newly launched album Four to an enthusiastic crowd in the Amsterdam venue Paradiso Together with the whole album, we LOVE their song 'Fine Shields We Are' a song on the walls, fences and barbed wire which is sadly becoming a hugely popular trend in Europe!

In our recent connection with The Dutch we see how relevant their...
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The Dutch - Fine Shields We Are

The Dutch - Fine Shields We Are (official video) Directed by Hetty de Kruijf Taken from the album Four by The Dutch The Dutch website:

MasterPeace is looking for organizations to start #MasterPeace clubs in their countries! Be a part of global change and join the fastest growing #peace movement in the world!


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We hope for #peace to prevail in these times in the #USA and the world!

Shepard Fairey Peace Mural, USA
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MasterPeace is looking for organizations to start #MasterPeace clubs in their countries! Be a part of global change and join the fastest growing #peace movement in the world!