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I know I have a problem, but it’s been something I didn’t want to face — until I was forced to.

6 things I learned when I logged off
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SLO CAL is a classic California blend of sea, soil, and oh-so-laid-back vibes. Here's exactly why it should be your next destination.

12 ways a trip to California’s San Luis Obispo County will surprise you
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I left because I felt I’d done everything there was for me to do, but I keep going back because those peaks still hold more adventures and new memories to be made.

Why Colorado will always be my home
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#DamnNature! These big wall climbs are out of this world!

Via Mountain River Wave

These are the world’s most-stunning big wall climbs
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If you look at the Global Peace Index, you’ll find that El Salvador actually ranks as safer than places like China and Mexico.

Everyone thinks El Salvador is dangerous. Here’s why I can’t wait to go back there
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"Focused travel is so much more rewarding than being a general tourist. If you have a mission, or a project or any reason beyond personal sightseeing, you'll get more out of the experience."

Are these the ultimate travellers?
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Life does not have to be a rollercoaster, sometimes it can be a long lazy carousel ride.

How a trip to NYC with my 8 year old twins taught me to slow down
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In honor of World Water Day, we dove into our archives and pulled our most beautiful pictures of oceans, rivers, waves, and waterfalls.

It’s World Water Day. Here are 19 beautiful reasons to participate.
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Here's a list of killer things to do with the family in Arizona.

15+ family friendly things to do in Arizona
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The world’s first hologram park is open, China devotes national parks to protecting tigers, leopards and pandas and wild jaguars may return to the U.S., among other world events of today.

[Daily dispatch] Pakistan’s new women-only cab service
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Those who are madly in love with the world understand the devotion to travel.
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The horses were practically wild. Not used as working horses and trained specifically for one purpose: to race.

I was among the first Westerners to document the Mongolian Taiga. What I found was amazing
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Can a city actually have too much history?

A city with too much history to handle
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My passport has been a point of anxiety for me when I travel. Would I be the target of scrutiny because of where I'm from?

I’m an American living in Thailand, and this is how people make me feel welcome
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If you’re planning to travel across Aotearoa -- "the land of the long white cloud" -- be sure to set aside a good amount of time.

New Zealand’s South Island will blow you away. See for yourself
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How many of us would be ready and willing to give up a steady job to connect more deeply with our passions? It's a tough decision that perhaps many of us contemplate on a daily basis, but few find the courage to make. Meet Elisabeth Brentano Photography, a visual storyteller, who left her city job to pursue a freelance career doing something she loves. It wasn't an easy choice, as she admits...
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