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Watch this short video to discover common uses of Kalman filters!

Understanding Kalman Filters: Why Use Kalman Filters?
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This new microscope uses deep learning and MATLAB to detect cancer more accurately + quickly

This AI-augmented microscope uses deep learning to take on cancer
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A paralyzed man moved his hand using only his thoughts thanks to a chip implanted in his brain, machine learning, and MATLAB

Neuroscience and Machine Learning Restore Movement in Paralyzed Man’s Hand
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Learn how to use MATLAB to analyze fake news with Twitter data!

Here is a step by step tutorial >>

Analyzing Fake News with Twitter
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Data analysis can help predict flood waves after dam failure

Simulation is key to understanding floods when dams break
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Use text manipulations to fix these addresses

Use R2016b Text Manipulations to Fix These Addresses
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Sounds have shape?! Researchers use statistics and spectrograms to recreate ancient language

with University of Oxford & University of Cambridge

Do you speak PIE? Your ancestors probably did!
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Create a 3D heart in MATLAB for Valentine's Day!

Heart Model for Valentine’s Day
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Read this blog to see a fun MATLAB analysis of how to be successful with speed dating

Speed Dating Experiment
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Deep learning with 11 lines of MATLAB code, a deep neural network, and a webcam!

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how >>

Deep Learning in 11 Lines of MATLAB Code
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Fun Friday: Unusual MATLAB Commands

Do you have any interesting commands to add?

12 Unusual MATLAB Commands That You Should Know
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Words count! Here’s a string array approach using MATLAB.

Words Count: A String Array Approach
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See how drones ruled the #SuperBowl, from the game to the commercials and even the Lady Gaga halftime show

Super Bowl LI features drones 3 times, in a “No Drone Zone”
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Learn how to use Arduino and Simulink to levitate a ball!

This example provides step-by-step instructions

Magnetically Levitated Ball
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Watch this short video to learn how to ​simulate robustness to system variations in Simulink!

Understanding Control Systems: Simulating Robustness to System Variations in Simulink
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These 14 machine learning examples include code, documentation, and more

14 Machine Learning with MATLAB Examples
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Watch this short video to learn the basics of solving linear systems with MIT Prof. Gilbert Strang!

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra: Solving Linear Systems
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How many months until it's today again? Solve this in MATLAB.

How Many Months Until It's Today Again?
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Predicting epileptic seizures from brain signals is like trying to predict earthquakes (not easy). Could a scientist, armed with some statistics and machine learning, make a dent?

Seizure Prediction Competition, 3rd Place Winner's Interview: Gareth Jones