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Watch this short video to learn the basics of eigenvalues and eigenvectors with MIT Prof. Gilbert Strang!

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
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Learn neural networks through visualization!

This Artificial Neural Networks for Beginners tutorial provides step-by-step instructions

Artificial Neural Networks for Beginners
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These tools will help you to create sophisticated MATLAB apps that resize gracefully

Download the toolbox >>

GUI Layout Toolbox
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Here's a list of the Top 10 most popular MATLAB & Simulink file downloads from last year. How many have you used?

Top 10 Files in 2016
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The Beatles’ mid-’60s live album sounded terrible until Abbey Road used custom code & MATLAB to clean it up

MATLAB revives The Beatles only live album
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Happy Pi Day from MATLAB!
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This collection of over 500 MATLAB examples can help you with machine learning, differential equations, and statistics problems

MATLAB Math, Statistics, and Optimization Examples
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Watch this short video to learn the working principles of state observers, and discover the math behind them!

Understanding Kalman Filters: State Observers
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Thanks to machine learning and neuroscience, this robot can read your mind!

This robot learns by reading your mind
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Watch this 4 minute video and learn to use deep learning with your own data.

Transfer Learning in 10 Lines of MATLAB Code
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Watch this short video to learn the fundamentals of machine learning with MATLAB!

Machine Learning with MATLAB
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Learn how to program a robotic arm with MATLAB!

This tutorial includes step-by-step instructions

Robotic Arm: Arduino + MATLAB
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Create iPhone and iPad apps with Simulink!

Read this blog to learn more >>

Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Simulink
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Watch this short video to learn how to use MATLAB and Raspberry Pi to detect faces in images!

Using MATLAB and Raspberry Pi for Face Detection
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Learn the basics of numerical computing with MATLAB in this free e-book by Cleve Moler!

Numerical Computing with MATLAB
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2016 was the year of the exploding battery.

Can AI and machine learning find the fix?

Using machine learning to build a better battery
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Watch this short video to discover common uses of Kalman filters!

Understanding Kalman Filters: Why Use Kalman Filters?
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This new microscope uses deep learning and MATLAB to detect cancer more accurately + quickly

This AI-augmented microscope uses deep learning to take on cancer
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A paralyzed man moved his hand using only his thoughts thanks to a chip implanted in his brain, machine learning, and MATLAB

Neuroscience and Machine Learning Restore Movement in Paralyzed Man’s Hand