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We make mermaids, even when it's cold outside ❄
Matrix colour à la Marilyn Monroe executed using ColorSync
Our Matrix Artist Jami Lynn Annis LaBrie has proven that Bond Ultim8 is color's best friend.
«I'm slowly, but surely trying to change my life and products I use everyday to more natural ingredients.» (via Treats and Treasures by Sydney Hoffman)

Matrix - Biolage R.A.W.

Decode hair strobing today with Matrix Hair Hacks.
Hair strobing helps accentuate the features you want to stand out. Whether you want a chiseled jawline, to highlight your cheekbones or to light up all your assets; Strobing goes beyond highlighting and lets your hair bring the spotlight on you.

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Matrix Hair Hacks: Eye Strobe

Hair strobing is the latest technique in highllighting hair. Learn how we do it here. Show off your eyes with the Eye Strobe. Hair hacks turns takes complica...

Canadian fashion starts from head to toe.
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Instagram photo by @matrixcanada • Nov 22, 2016 at 9:35pm UTC

"Biolage R.A.W. ingredients are sourced from some of the world’s most exotic locations including rich lava clay from Morocco and white beeswax from Africa." (via Short Presents)

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The Candy Strobe:

The sweeter side of strobing to highlight your favourite features.
Get the Candy Strobe formulas on our Instagram page.

Instagram photo by @matrixcanada • Nov 3, 2016 at 8:37pm UTC

This crew has been up to some serious creativity. Can't wait to share the latest trend with you!
Wear your hair proudly.
How to get the perfect hairstyle?
Simple: great hair + great style.

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«The most outstanding review, though, definitely came from my husband: last night, he told me out of nowhere that “the natural shampoo you got is pretty awesome. It makes my hair feel nice”. For a guy whose idea of a good shampoo is one that also doubles as a body wash, that means a lot!» (via Her Waise Choice)

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Nature Inspired

We're going past paint and paper. Watercolor hair is the next best thing!
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It's still only thursday. Keep the routine strong all week long!
Shades of red will always be in style, no matter the season.
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Our Matrix Artists have definitely mastered the art of watercolors.
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Getting the American Blonde look without fearing the damage just got easier. Bond Ultim8 is a bond protecting system. Go Beyond repairing damaged hair, prevent it!

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