We’re feeling a little blue today, in only the best ways! So pretty @hairhousetuggerah! #Matrix
Pretty in Pink by @amandaepstein_hair for the weekend! Get her formula below! #DareToHair #Matrix

FORMULAS: Roots: Natural level 3
Pre-lighten: Light Master & 40vol with Bond Ultim8: Step 1
Toner: CGL Lt. Pink * Magenta
Toner 2: CGL Lt. Peach
The first step for transformations: inspiration—where do you get yours from? #Matrix
Some call it rose, some call it violet: get you a color that you can call both: formulas by @beautybyjg_az below! #Matrix

FORMULAS: SHADOW ROOT: CS 25ml 5VR + 40ml & 10vol.
ENDS: 25ml CS 5VR+ 50 ml 10V & 10vol.
Color like this by @hairbychristymiller is a commitment but so worth it in the end. #Matrix #DareToHair

FORMULAS: BALAYAGE: Light Master & 30vol. with Bond Ultim8: Step 1
FORMULA A: CS 10A * drop of SB Blue & 10vol. with Bond Ultim8: Step 1
FORMULA B: CS Sapphire Blue & 10vol. with Bond Ultim8: Step 1
There’s no red like a #Matrix red: comment below if you agree! Stunning by @morganskemper
Warmer days and tones ahead, gorgeous work by @Missxalii! #Matrix
Texture games plays no games when it comes to serious texture. #Matrix
Let us take this time to thank our stylist who are behind the chair getting our Valentine Day hair in check. Fresh cut please! #Matrix
The sun will come out, tomorrow, but until then, bet your bottom dollar on this pastel rainbow by @rohopeluqueria! #Matrix
Monday Vibes *praise hands* #Matrix
With hair like this, who wouldn’t want to be your valentine? #DareToHair #Matrix

FORMULAS: PRE-LIGHTEN: Light Master & 30vol. With Bond Ultim8: Step 1
SHADOW ROOT: CS Berry Violet * Clear & 10vol.
ENDS: 2:1 CS Quartz Pink * Clear & 10vol.
Mermaids: made in the salon with @hairbyleerika. Book your next appointment with the link in profile! #Matrix
Stylists: name your 3 products you’d bring to a deserted island: GO. #Matrix
Color dreams do come true when you play with #ColorGraphics beautiful work by @Thehairspalafayette, get the formula below! #Matrix
When you love your color by @emporio_studio so much that you want to show it off from every possible angle. #Matrix
When your backbar is ready to push your color to new heights: who is ready to #DareToHair? #Matrix
Walking into the weekend transformed and ready for the “OMG your hair looks great” comments: beautiful @melhairworks! #Matrix
Ariel who? This red bombshell by @mirandamayhem takes our breath away! #Matrix
A little texture never hurt nobody: keep on building! #Matrix #StyleLink