The bravery of these people is constantly astounding. Especially right now.

What It's Like to Transition in Trump's America
A Pride protest in LA? Will you be there, Californians?

This Year, L.A.’s Pride Parade Will Be a Protest
Did the chicken or egg come first in this case? We are starting to see the results.

A Fifth of Hate Crimes Reported Done in Trump's Name, Researchers Say | Broadly
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is getting a lot of pushback for her comments on trans women. And rightfully so.

What Makes a β€˜Real’ Woman? Welcome to the New Liberal Transphobia
What an awesome story of a parent and child supporting each other!

Meet the transgender father and daughter transitioning together
The Pulse shooting will not be noted as a hate crime due to β€œinsufficient evidence,” but what else could it possibly be?

β€œI see the killing as a hate crime, multiplied in severity because of our nonexistent gun restrictions. Sure hatred was high, and sure there was a thinly veiled ISIL rationale, but he grew up in America where there’s easy access to weapons.”

Mother of Pulse Victim Talks Gun Violence: 'It's an American Epidemic'
"The shooting of a Sikh man in Kent last Friday rekindled concerns over local hate crimes. Meanwhile the SPD is trying to make reporting hate and bias incidents easier in the wake of a national increase in hate crimes since the November election.

Past years have seen more than 250,000 incidents against Americans over the age of 12 nationwide, according to research by the federal government....
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Seattle Police are trying new approaches to track hate crimes
These questions plague us every day, too. We must do better for the transgender community.

Why Have There Been So Many Trans Murders This Year?
Today is the day to purchase that new flat screen you've had your eyes on! ;)
This seems extremely silly. But thank you, once again, to Disney for having some form of representation. Now, for Elsa to have a girlfriend in Frozen 2...

Evangelist Pastor Calls For Disney Boycott Over Gay Characters
You may have seen the β€œviral Kellyanne Conway selfie video.” Now, Alfredo Joseph Pelicci explains why he did it:

My Viral Kellyanne Conway Selfie Was Not An Empty Prank -- It Was A Statement
"At a news conference on Friday, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and acting DC police chief Peter Newsham announced that the city had seen a sharp 59% rise in anti-LGBT hate crimes. In 2015, 37 cases of anti-LGBT hate crimes were reported. That number increased to 59 in 2016, according to the Washington Blade. "

And now...

LGBT community center in Washington, DC, vandalized, staff member assaulted
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In our last blog post, we talked about the dangers of giving states the power to decide whether to protect some of the most vulnerable youth in our population: transgender students. Unfortunately, leaving it up to states gives certain states the option to discriminate, rather than protect. Unfortunately, we know this is true because it’s exactly how slavery and segregation played out until...
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Why We Need Federal Protections for LGBT Students - Matthew Shepard Foundation
Thank you to all of the advocacy groups who are still working to tackle this issue. It’s got to stop.
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