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"The White House wants to make transgender rights a states’ issue, in the wake of Donald Trump reversing protections for transgender students implemented by the Obama administration. Jonathan Capehart and our panel discuss the need and plan to fight back. "

This is the kind of reporting we need right now. Thank you, once again, for making a difference, Jonathan.

Transgender rights under fire in Trump era

What a perfect way to round out Black History Month! These people are heroes.

GLAAD celebrates triumphs of black transgender trailblazers in new video

As we go into the weekend, let's remember: Transgender youth need our support more than ever.

We see you.
We love you.
We will continue to fight for you.

This isn't about a bathroom. This is about dignity and safety.

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It feels like we have more posts than not that describe something as "unacceptable."

But we must persist. Never normalize hate.

Hate Crime Is Feared as 2 Indian Engineers Are Shot in Kansas

What an inspirational speech. Thank you for speaking out, Wentworth Miller. We hope this touches someone. We hope it touches many.
“I think every locker room in the NFL would accept an openly gay teammate with open arms, where it was such a taboo thing to even talk about when I first got into the league. That speaks to the tremendous progress that LGBT issues have had in our country in such a short period of time.”

This Pro Bowler Believes Every NFL Locker Room 'Would Accept An Openly Gay Teammate'

Now here is a great idea to help support transgender youth and adults, alike.

This clothing swap helps transgender people fit into their identity

Sad that a measure needs to be proposed to consider this, but Wyoming will take its wins where it can.

ASUW Senate Will Consider Measure To Fly Pride Flag On Campus

Absolutely unacceptable.

There is no other way to describe what took place in the White House yesterday. The President and his cabinet took immediate action in humiliating, disavowing, and quite frankly putting our transgender students in harm’s way.

We won't stand for it.

Statement on Trump's Transgender "Recommendations" - Matthew Shepard Foundation

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If you’re one of them, make sure to use smile.amazon.com and choose the Matthew Shepard Foundation as your charity of choice!
Because leaving protections for minorities up to the states worked out so well during segregation, right?

Trump Is Poised to Remove Protections on Transgender Students’ Rights

Very interesting point:

"I think there’s actually some lessons for the climate movement in what happened with marriage equality, because they framed the movement in terms of love: Government has no place to get between two people who love each other," he said. "I actually think climate change is the same thing. It’s about loving the next generation, and I think that is a good way to think...
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How Gay Marriage Suggests A Strategy For Climate Change

We love you, Laverne Cox! Stay outspoken and keep educating the masses!

Laverne Cox References 'Hidden Figures' To Make Powerful Point About Trans Rights

Kiki opens in select theaters and On Demand starting 2/24! Over 25 years after "Paris is Burning," the NYC ballroom scene burns as brightly as ever in "Kiki." It's a larger-than-life world where #LGBTQ youths of color are empowered with dynamic choreography, fabulous costumes, and fierce attitude, and struggling, at-risk teens can find acceptance, support, and friendship.

Kiki - Official Trailer I HD I Sundance Selects

Opening in theaters and VOD February 24th Directed by: Sara Jordenö #kikimovie #kikimovement #liveyourtruth 25 years after Paris Is Burning introduced the ar...

Congrats to Spirit of Matthew Award winner Zachary Daniel Mallory!