Mattie Griffin
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Just picking up some stones before I start my show
Mattie Griffin
01/22/2017 at 22:27. Facebook
If your not Falling sometimes then your not pushing hard enough #FOS

[Video] Mattie Griffin's (slightly overcooked) stuntshow
Mattie Griffin
01/21/2017 at 22:32. Facebook
Would you honestly trust me here....?
BMW Motorrad BMW Motorrad UK HEBO Factory Technical Autotrim Nutt Travel Touratech Metzeler Motto Wear AFAM Max Torque Cans Motorbike Exhausts Goodridge LTD
Mattie Griffin
01/20/2017 at 13:33. Facebook
Check out me burning rubber with MAGURA Metzeler BMW Motorrad BMW Motorrad UK Max Torque Cans Motorbike Exhausts Motto Wear Nutt Travel Goodridge LTD AFAM HEBO Factory [ Link ]

Burning rubber afternoon - Mattie's training session with MAGURA HC3

Mattie playing around with MAGURA HC3 and X-line handlebars - The best parts for the best performance!

Mattie Griffin
01/20/2017 at 11:01. Facebook
Let me know if you like this picture? And you want to see more....?
Burning rubber with Metzeler AFAM Touratech BMW Motorrad BMW Motorrad UK Motto Wear Nutt Travel Max Torque Cans Motorbike Exhausts Goodridge LTD MAGURA HEBO Factory Technical Autotrim
I wouldn't wear anything else when I ride..! Motto Wear
This is what happens when you leave your BMW Motorrad Helmet and your HEBO Factory Gloves on the kitchen table in my house when Mattie Jnr is about
Can you guess what I am pointing at in this picture..?
Can't believe it's #flippingfriday already hope you all have a great weekend #makelifearide BMW Motorrad
"Big Thanks to MAGURA for the continued support on the horsepowered and manpowered 2 wheel front . It goes without saying that the bicycle brakes and components are every bit as impressive as the motorcycle equipment." Can't wait to put this beast through its paces down the mountains
Can't wait to get these two bad boys out again with BMW Motorrad MAGURA Goodridge LTD Metzeler HEBO Factory Nutt Travel AFAM Motto Wear Max Torque Cans Motorbike Exhausts Technical Autotrim Touratech BMW Motorrad UK
‪My little man helping me with my recovery training ‬
At BMW Motorrad Japan with HEBO Factory Metzeler MAGURA Goodridge LTD Motto Wear Nutt Travel Max Torque Cans Motorbike Exhausts Technical Autotrim AFAM BMW Motorrad UK Touratech Japan
Ahh Sunday..! You see bikers of all kinds out on a Sunday. I'm guessing it's moto x track he's headed, what do you think....?
Don't miss your last chance to take advantage of this last day of the extended #blackfriday sale and get your super bright Horizon Leds
[ Link ]
I'm just Sitting down with my feet up over the radiator on this cold winter night..! What are you doing.....???
Looking forward to tearing up the Tarmac with the BMW Motorrad G 310 R in 2017