Matty Mingay
yesterday at 23:18. Facebook
Cruising behind the Hot Wheels Kenworth and DAF of Melbourne Official Ultimate garage transporter.
By far the best looking setup on the roads!! Who agrees?
Matty Mingay
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Had the BEST day with my boy Madz, my Wifey, Bro and the whole gang!!! Here Madz trying to scare us all with a crab he found.
Matty Mingay
03/24/2017 at 07:59. Facebook
Had a huge morning this morning at my boy Madzy's school talking to the whole of Grade 5 with my team Peshy and Sheenzy. Kids LOVED the Hot Wheels Stuntz INC team and the talk about Road Safety. Madz is officially the school Superstar now haha.
Matty Mingay
03/24/2017 at 05:49. Facebook
Check out our Snazzy new clip from Clipsal 500 this year!! Dedicated to our good mate Allan who had a nasty accident!!
(clip setup for those of you who can't access YouTube)
Matty Mingay
03/21/2017 at 21:34. Facebook
Matty Mingay
03/20/2017 at 01:00. Facebook
Don't forget to grab your awesome Mingay replica Camaro at a store near you or at your next V8 Supercars event from the Hot Wheels Ultimate garage.
Throw waaaaay back to when my boy was a reaaaal little boy!! Such a cutie!!
I'm in need of a 5th helmet cabinet!!!! I have all my GoPro helmets to put up on display!!! These are all custom painted, starting back from 1999 from my first custom painted lid
Can't wait to get sliding in my Hot Wheels Camaro Drift car again!!! Nitto Tyres Australia burning up a storm!!!
Kent and I had a great little time at the Lakeside Cruise fest!!! Had the Hot Wheels Camaro and the Mustang shredding Nitto tyres at the 'No drift' racetrack!!!
My 9yr old little man Madzy Evel losing his mind over getting his new custom painted GoPro Hot Wheels helmet. What kid seriously has his own custom painted helmets. Thanks Browns Grafix for the Awesome new lid paint job.
My good mate and team mate Allan Morrison Stunt Rider. This was at Clipsal 500 Adelaide Good times.... Good times
The Kenworth and DAF of Melbourne #K200 getting its Bling on ready for a photo shoot tomorrow.
The Harley-Davidson Australia bikes wait patiently to get hammered. By Peshy and I. ✊
Had a really important dental appoint to get some teeth in my disaster of a mouth. My titanium chin might get some titanium screws as friends. #titaniumstrong #castroledge #castrol #newteeth #someteeth
I had so much fun in this SST beast at Clipsal 500 Adelaide doing demos. Here I am drifting the beast. Huge thanks to Robby Gordon for trusting me to flog them.
Don't forget my bud Allan Morrison Stunt Rider Gofundme. He is doing it tough alright.

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Myself in 1999 in my 2nd year performing at Clipsal 500 Adelaide How things have changed! Notice my garage had nothing in it, but a few spare Tyres!! Bog stock Bandit 1200, minus exhaust and blinkers
Please get behind my good mate and stuntrider and support him. The support from you guys helped me tremendously when I was stung with a $345,000 Hospital bill from America. Allan will be doing it real tough with no use of his legs and in hospital for some time. Heart goes out to ya buddy!! But keep on fighting hard!!

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Click here to support Help Stuntman Allan Morrison by Allan Morrison