Maui, Hawaii
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Let's hear it for Maui's wild side! We have creatures here that can be found no place else on earth...and no land-based predators. But do we have snakes? Well, no. And yes. Here's a great intro to Maui's wildlife from Maui Accommodations Guide. [ Link ]
Maui, Hawaii
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Maui, Hawaii
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Maui, Hawaii
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Shot this last Tuesday. It's whale soup out there!
Maui, Hawaii
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Maui, Hawaii
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Take a moment to watch Kihei Cove
Maui, Hawaii
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Whales!!! LIVE with Redline Rafting
Maui, Hawaii
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Have you stayed at any of these spots, and what is the list missing?

Top Maui Hotels and Resorts
Most people drive right by it. Some of the best views on Maui!

Mauiโ€™s Small Town Spotlight: Keokea
Kiawe's have a special place in some locals' hearts... and in most slippahs.

Maui Plant of the Month: Kaiwe Trees
LOOKING FOR OWNER-DIRECT PLACES TO STAY ON MAUI? Maui Accommodations Guide is the local specialist in rental-by-owner accommodations. One-of-a-kind vacation rentals, plus boutique hotels, condos, and luxury resorts. Youโ€™ll save by booking directly with the owners/managers! [ Link ]
Maui is known as a place for healing. Some excellent services in the heart of Haiku.

Maui Holistic Wellness
Loving Melia's work! Some spectacular moments captured.

Photojournalistic Maui Photography by Melia Lucida
Could be worse!
Whale season is in FULL EFFECT!
Video by Jeff Worthen of Hawaii Ocean Rafting.
Beautiful Maui properties accompanied by healing packages.

Unique Healing Experiences on Maui