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This could make for an awkward holiday dinner...Dawn says her ex cheated and may have gotten another woman pregnant. That woman...Dawn's 18-year-old daughter!! #ThrowbackThursday
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Thursday on Maury...Mom…The Test Will Prove Your Boyfriend Is Cheating Again! #MauryInTheMiddle #MaurysOn
Now that the results have been read should Larnell continue to listen to his cousin Monique or should he take his relationship with Crystal to the next level? See what these guests had to say after the cameras stopped rolling. #LastWord
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The Fifty Shades Darker trailer is out today! Have you ever been in a relationship where you thought you could change your man? #MauryInTheMiddle #FiftyShadesDarker

Fifty Shades Darker | Trailer & Movie Site | In Theaters February 10, 2017

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Hey NFL fans! Tune-in to NFL Network Thursday morning from 8am-9am to see MAURY on Good Morning Football (GMFB). #MauryInTheMiddle
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28 year old Devon says his 61 year old lover Virginia make him feel like a "real man!" However, Virginia thinks her young lover is cheating. Will the results reveal Devon is a one woman man? #MauryInTheMiddle.
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Caitlyn Jenner you are the mother? Caitlyn has dreams of starting a new family at the age of 66! Hit the "HEART" emoji if you think Caitlyn would make a great mother! #MauryInTheMiddle

Caitlyn Jenner '100 Percent Committed' To Becoming A Mom Next Year

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Wednesday on Maury...Test 11 Of My Family Members…I’m Not The Father! #MauryInTheMiddle #MaurysOn
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If you suspected your best friend's boyfriend of cheating, would you spy on him? Hit the "WOW" emoji if you would spy! Hit the "HEART" emoji if you would mind your own business! #MauryInTheMiddle
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Want to come to a live taping of MAURY? Check out the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County. Visit mauryshow.com/tickets for your FREE tickets. #MauryInTheMiddle
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Kasey was a wild teen with a troubled past full of drugs, alcohol, as well as working as a Webcam model. Today, she has two beautiful children, but because of her past, her husband has suspicions that he may not be the father! #MauryInTheMiddle #TeenTuesday
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I guess they've never watched the MAURY Show! These names seem tame compared to past Maury guests! #MauryInTheMiddle

The 17 Most Original, Wild and Creative Celebrity Baby Names of 2016

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Tuesday on Maury...Is The Man I Love Cheating With My Identical Twin? #MauryInTheMiddle #MaurysOn
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Tis the season for sharing kindness and trees. Go to greenisuniversal.com to create your own GIF and plant a tree in a national forest. #ShareATree.
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Come to a live taping of MAURY like these students did from the University of Hartford! Visit mauryshow.com/tickets for your FREE tickets. #MauryInTheMiddle
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This is the "Fastest" dash we've seen on the MAURY Show! Is he or isn't he the father? #MauryInTheMiddle
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Congrats to MilaKunis and Ashton Kutcher on the birth of their son, Dimitri! #MauryInTheMiddle

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Name Son Dimitri Portwood

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Monday on Maury...4 DNA Tests…This Time I’ll Prove My Husband Is The Father! #MauryInTheMiddle #MaurysOn
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What would you do if your boyfriend came home not only smelling funny...but tasting funny too? Chelsea brought her boyfriend, Gary to The MAURY Show, demanding to know what he had in his mouth! #MauryInTheMiddle