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It’s time to realize your childhood dream of becoming a star.
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Spring is the time to dress-up and strike a pose, isn’t it? There are #EndlessWaysToShare a pose this season. Send your favourite pose with us!
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Fresh breeze and the sea just makes Spring the best time to roll-out with the gang. Share with us your next all-guys trip plan.
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The stage is set. Are you ready? Keep watching the page for more!
#StayTuned #MaxEmergingStar
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Lights. Camera. Action. If these words excite you, you’re in for a treat. Hold on! #StayTuned #MaxEmergingStar
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Spring is the cure to dullness. It’s true! So relish, as you have #EndlessWaysToShare the zest of this season with our styles.
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A flying kiss to the season, coz you get to wear this cool shift dress.
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Did you screw up #ValentinesDay? Don't make it worse!

Check out the 5 things you should never say to your Girlfriend after a big fight.

5 Things That You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend After A Big Fight
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The record-breaking launch by #ISRO creates #Endless possibilities for us.

We are extremely proud!
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Did you know, she stepped out on a sunny Mumbai-day and had an absolutely fun time? Dressed in Max Fashion’s blue dress and ikat print jacket, Santoshi Shetty from The Styledge certainly made heads turn!

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Love is limitless and there are #EndlessWaysToShare it, and what better day than today!

How are you sharing your love, do tell us! #HappyValentinesDay
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We bring you Endless Ways to smile & share the love with your family & friends. With over 3000 styles to choose from there is always something exciting for you and your loved ones!
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If looking dapper is your aim, this is it! And it’s yours for free coz you are our #Valentine! Find this shirt on [ Link ], take a screenshot and share it in the comment section below.

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#GiveawayAlert #ValentinesGiveaway
#ContestAlert ~ Have you participated in our #ValentinesGiveaway yet?

Valentines Giveaway
We only share food with special people, right? We bring you a chance to share your favourite dish with your #Valentine.

What you need to do is, choose one from the GIF below, take a screen shot and share it in the comment section tagging that special someone.
Putting on a shiny dress and getting windswept with spring’s cool breeze, what fun!

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There are #EndlessWaysToShare gifts with your loved ones. This Valentine’s Day we bring you fun way to share a gift.

Choose one from the GIF below, take a screen shot and share it in the comment section tagging that special someone.
The season of so many possibilities is here and you have #EndlessWaysToShare them with loved ones. So get set and enjoy!

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All you need is some love and some florals to go with it!

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Step out and share the excitement the season brings you, with those who mean the most! What’s your plan?